4 Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2016

Customer demographics bullseye
Important Marketing Info for 2016 —  It’s the start of a new year and time to talk about what marketers who are in the know are planning for their approach in the coming months. 1. Content Marketing Reigns Supreme 70% of surveyed marketers say they are creating more content than they did last year. That’s because those who created content… Read More..
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Your Customers Are Morphing….Are You?

customer demographics
— Take New Aim with Your Customer Demographics —  Your customers are morphing (seamlessly transitioning)!  If you’re just sticking with marketing that worked for you in the past, you may be watching your new customer counts slump.  In the next few posts, I’ll be looking for the new places you’ll get your best shot at reaching your ideal customers.First… Read More..
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Make Sense of Your OnLine Retail System

online retail system demo
On-Line Retail System Chaos –  If you have a website that sells something, you probably know that your site’s design is quite complex — much more so than just presenting content. Yesterday I received an email from an unknown person — I have no idea how it got through my spam filters — but whatever she did worked, so she’s… Read More..
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Great Super Bowl Ads 2015

Best 2015 Super Bowl Ads are about Beer..no, wait — Feelings —  This blog is about marketing, and we just can’t ignore the biggest, most spectacular, and humongously expensive commercials ever made in the history of man! Notice when you watch these incredible ads that most of the time it’s not about the product?   It’s about tying your product to… Read More..
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Your 2015 Marketing Checklist

Marketing Plan for New Year
Is Your 2015 Marketing Plan Ready? Here’s HUGE Help! This FREE Marketing Checklist itemizes the important advertising research, elements, methods, and venues that are available to you — have you considered them all? Sometimes during the holidays there are odd snippets of time. Time to think about adding something new to your search for more and better customers. You can… Read More..
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5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Mistakes
I’ve made ’em. How about you?  Here’s my list of  top marketing mistakes:   1. EVERYONE GETS INTO THE ACT Ever come up with a good marketing idea only to have everyone in the company hop on it and tear it down? Ever noticed that everyone has an opinion on about marketing? And they defend their opinions with deadend statements… Read More..
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Why Are Your Facebook Posts Disappearing?

When you're doing something fun with a whole bunch of people, immediate sharing will get more attention...but sharing several days later will mean you're BURIED about 2 miles down in their news feeds
Get Your Facebook Posts to the TOP!  – Are your Facebook posts get buried and instead you’re inundated with cute sayings and recipes? Are you getting a whole bunch of non-personal additions after most Facebook posts – things that are “related” that Facebook thinks might interest you (and make them some money) but have nothing to do with the person… Read More..
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Speed Up Your Site or Lose Your Readers

speed up your site
How to Speed Up Your Site — for Non-Techie People  – I have been blogging for over a year, and for the last few months I have had a bunch of problems opening this site and working on it. Either it took forever to open or I bombed out with the large white screen of death. I was aggravated but… Read More..
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How to Do Your Social Media Marketing Better

text messaging marketing
Doing Your Social Media Marketing Right —   When you’re pushed for time with all the other demands from your business, it’s hard to make time to learn new apps. If you’re like me, you just plunge in and try to make things work. Frustrating? Of course. Does it work? I’m finding that fragmented attempts just aren’t good enough when it’s… Read More..
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Ad Expert Shares Her Collateral Secrets

Collateral materials
How to Create Mind-Blowing Collaterals on a Shoestring –  Collaterals that Cheri picked up at the GeekGirl Tech Conference and other fun places (which shows that if you have good collaterals, people keep them!) I have been working on a big franchise project for a client, and the expert who handles all the ads for the client is Cyndi Darlington.… Read More..
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Social Media Marketing Hiring for Small Businesses

social media marketing salaries shows woman needing job
How to Hire Someone Elastic! – Need help with your social media marketing? How much are you going to have to pay? Since this blog is aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, chances are that you’re not looking for a Chief Digital Officer at $200K or a VP of Digital Marketing at $140K. Lots of us have been outsourcing some… Read More..
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New Quiz App to Get You More Attention

Can This New Quiz App Help You Market? – I’m always looking for new marketing ideas to get us all more attention, and this one is not only fun, it’s FREE and it’s easy! I made the quiz below in about an hour just to see if it works the way they say it does.  And it does! It will… Read More..
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LinkedIn Etiquette for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn Etiquette for Sales
20 Quick Tips for Using LinkedIn Right —  Wow, this has been a busy two weeks of hard work! That means that I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on LinkedIn. So I disappear for a week or so and then go back — how about you?  I like catching up and getting new ideas, and it’s really… Read More..
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My 8 Favorite Free Blog Plugins

blog plugins - LIKE
The Plugins That I Can’t Live Without — I was such a newby when I started blogging over a year ago, and I bumbled about trying out various plugins, reading as much as I could — articles like “200 Plugins That You Absolutely Must Have.”  Have you read a million of these too?  SO frustrating. But I have now tried… Read More..
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Fix Your One Big Tweet Mistake

chericbestt (1)
Are You Making This Tweet Mistake? Every now and then I find something that helps me so quickly, and I love to share!  Gary Vaynerchuk did this incredibly easy to understand slideshare to help us all — it takes about 1 minute:The Number One Mistake Everybody Makes on Twitter from Gary Vaynerchuk… Read More..
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Turn Your Bland Speaking Gig into an EVENT!

No speaker mistakes
Don’t do this any more. You spend 15 hours writing your Powerpoint presentation. You spend an hour on the handouts, and a half hour planning what you’ll wear. How much time did you spend on GRABBING your listeners’ attention and getting them to remember you for a long, long time? You know that getting in front of a whole bunch… Read More..
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Oh-Oh, What’s NOT Working?

advertising media eggs in one basket
Get Something Else Going NOW! Writing content faithfully? Tweeting 15 times a day? Paying for facebook likes? Sales falling off?Take a look at this Statista chart:How about this: Content is NOT King:  There are 940,000,000 discussions in my Google search on content NOT working as well any more.A major trend. If you have moved away from traditional… Read More..
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