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13 Social Media Rules of Behavior so You Play Nice

You’ve heard me talk about the Social Media Marketing World Conference that I attended a while back, and a whole lot of ideas came out of that 1100-people, first-of-its-kind meeting, and there was a lot of talk about what social media rules and proper social media behavior should be.

Patricia Redsicker

Patricia Redsicker shares “The Rules” with us

There are certain “truths” about social media and the changes that it is making in the way we market, and Patricia Redsicker, writing for Mike Stelzner‘s blog, collected them all and made a list, and she shared it with us, which was very nice of her.  Here goes:

Social Media Rules

#1: Prepare for Social Displacement 

With maturity of any new industry comes disruption. Just as email, the web and search disrupted entire industries several years ago (e.g., the postal service, print publications and traditional sales), we can also expect a lot of online disruption to happen because of social media.

  • Facebook messages are displacing email (it’s becoming easier to send your friend a Facebook message rather than find their email address).
  • Asking friends rather than searching (more and more people are asking their Facebook friends or Google+ circles for referrals instead of searching online for a product or service).
  • Listening to podcasts is beginning to replace radio.

    Bizpig rule of social media

    Adhelper Bizpig gives the Bizpig rule of social media

This obsession with social is happening because people love social media. According to a McKinsey & Nielsen survey, 76% of people feel good when they network using social media.

#2: Connect With Anyone You Want by Giving Value

Connecting is the ability to identify and relate with people to increase your influence with them. If you can add value, serve others and give freely, then you can connect with anyone, power your business and get whatever you want faster. Here’s what you need to do to become a valuable connector:

  • Make meaningful and authentic connections with others
  • Find out what’s important to them
  • Help them get it
  • Become a value-creator (by connecting people with other people, resources, tools or ideas)
  • Follow up systematically (because out of sight, out of mind)

“The more you give, the more you receive; the more value you add, the better things become. This is the secret sauce of making powerful connections.”

Larry Benet is called "the most connected man on earth"

Larry Benet is called “the most connected man on earth”

Larry Benet is known as the Connector and president of the Speakers and Authors Networking Group (SANG).

The rest of these rules don’t need explanations – they are the ways to make things work right for you:

3.    Be helpful, not salesy.

4.    Be human.  People like people, not companies.

5.   Don’t be boring.

6.   Re-use content; reduce effort, reinforce message.

7.   Just do it.  Plan, test, iterate.  Repeat.

8.   Podcast!

9.  Set your goals. Know your clients’ and competitors’ goals.

10.  Use employees in your social media program.

11.  Obey the 4-1-1 Rule. (For every one self-serving tweet, you  retweet one relevant tweet and four pieces of relevant content.)

12.   Market your content.

13.   Don’t silo your social. Develop integrated campaigns.

Thank you to Patricia Redsicker!  Notable quotes from the speakers at Social Media Marketing World conference:

Transparency breeds trust, and trust breeds business.  – Dave Kerpen

If you sell something, you create a customer today.  If you help someone, you create a customer for life.  –Jay Baer

Thanks for joining me today!  

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