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5 Best Marketing Resolutions for 2014!

Use these fun resolutions for your 2014 success:

These are the all-time favorite new year’s resolutions, but you’ll smile when you see them applied to your marketing, just like Dear Abby or horoscopes:


resolutions to lose weight#1  Lose Weight

All year long you kept adding tidbits to your website and blog and your traditional advertising. Now it’s time to get rid of the extra weight! Take a good look at your site and see where you could thin it down for your best “look” – fewer words, better visuals…maybe a makeover? Reduce the extra volume that subtracts from your total attractiveness. Tighten things up!


#2 Get More Exercise

You spent a lot of time sitting at the computer in 2013. Don’t sacrifice your business health by sitting so many hours! The best way to make your business muscle grow is to get moving out and about. Resolve to work out time for more networking events and meeting new people. Exercise your handshaking. Bulk up your listening skills. Build your email list.


#3 Organize Something

resolution to get rid of trashCelebrate the new year by getting rid of junk. Take a look at what really worked for you and what didn’t, and throw out the non-performance stuff. Do some analysis, and then you’ll feel guilt free to jettison tasks that turned out to be wastes of time (like whatever social media channels took bunches of time for zero return).


#4 Spend More Time Having Fun

people toasting their resolutionWhen you enjoy doing something, it shows. Pick which ad channels you really enjoy that give you good ROI and do more on those channels. If you love Facebook, spend the time to really make it work for you – better graphics, some PPC, contests. If making connections through LinkedIn is interesting as well as profitable, get more involved with a business page and emails. If you love traditional channels like magazines or PR, go for it!


#5 Get More Involved with Friends

Stop thinking “customers” and start thinking “friends.” Get to know your best clients! What can you do for them? When you ask what they need and want, they’ll love your sincere attention, and you’ll have new ideas for providing more and better products. And the best part?  It’s when friends say nice things about you. You’ll bask in their approval and make new friends, too.

Most of all, consider how great your life is now and where you can take it in 2014.
From all of us here at Adhelper.com, enjoy a happy and prosperous new year!

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