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The 6 Essential Marketing Elements

You absolutely must have these 6 marketing elements! 

1. Business cards. (This is the easiest one)

essential marketing elementsYour number one best marketing element is YOURSELF. So arm yourself with business cards that give all pertinent information in a readable font  – for info on making your business card better, click here. You’ll always need printed business cards, but having electronic is great too – be prepared for anything.

USE THE BACK – It helps if you can offer some sort of deal on the back because that way they’ll keep your card and maybe look at it again.

One big advantage of business cards is that it makes the other person stop and talk with you for a couple of seconds while you are pulling it out and pointing out that there is a special offer.

2. Entertaining 17-second spiel. (This one takes the most practice)

When you have a chance to introduce yourself, people don’t want just your name and rank; give them something they’ll remember you by. You start with an attention grabber, then your product, then the rest of it, including a deal if you have one. Do not be afraid to do this! Haven’t you ever enjoyed being a little entertained by someone else’s spiel? Didn’t you admire them for being brave enough to be dramatic? Most of all, be memorable. We have tested this theory again and again at networking breakfasts, and it is SO important. Here are some that I have written for clients:

1. Grab their attention: “My company’s employees look like aliens, and my business is sometimes so shocking that there is even a reality TV show about it.”

2. Product: “My company goes where no one wants to go and does what no one wants to do. We do crime scene and biohazard cleanup, and hoarding cleanup, too.”

3. Company name: “My company’s name is Steri-Clean and we’re the company you call when you have a bad problem.”

4. First name: “My name is ______…” (slight pause)    5. Last name: “______.” (state it solidly with a punch and smile!)

Or like this:

1. Grab their attention: “I love talking about my business and I have something free for you that you’ll love! Can you just see a glorious dish of frozen yogurt with hot fudge on it? (use hand gestures)

marketing element2. Product: “I have the most delicious business in town, and the best part is that my frozen yogurt is LOW FAT and good for you!”

3. Company name: “My company’s name is Cultivé Yogurt at 2nd and E Streets and I absolutely guarantee that you are going to love coming in because here’s my card with a FREE cup for you.”

4. First name: “My name is ______…” (slight pause)     5. Last name: “______.” (state it solidly with a punch and smile!)

3. Excellent web site. (This is the most expensive one)

This is the hardest of these 6 marketing elements to get right, so you’ll want to test things – which landing page works best (or have two or three for different types of buyers), which CTA (call to action) works best, what FAQ’s people want to know first and fast, etc.  Never stop changing your site – not only does it keep your customer interested, it gets the search engines’ attention. If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to make it great, hire someone — it’s that important.  (By the way, I tested the subject lines on this email, and you’re getting the one that people liked the most.)

4. Great first-time buyer deal. (This one needs to work, so it needs testing)

Make this marketing element so good that it entices people to give you a try. Free is best, but half-price works, too. When they sample you, exceed their expectations by delivering not just what they wanted, but something extra, PLUS a personal thank you from you.

5. Email marketing list and plan. (This one requires consistency)

Some emails you ENJOY receiving!

Everyone you meet, everyone you and your employees know, every customer, everyone who comes to your web and gets something free — send all these people occasional emails that give them something that they want to see. Christiane Holmquist sends me beautiful garden tips along with a link to her gorgeous website — it’s a pleasure to look at it. Hubspot and other companies send me free white papers so that I stay aware of their services. I’m GLAD to hear from some people!

6. Facebook and Google+ pages and plan. (This one can actually be fun)

Give something often that your customers want to hear, like a daily fitness tip or a funny quote. Make it highly shareable with a great photo. You’ll keep yourself in their minds and expand your horizons as well.

I know people who do this SO well – one is Denise Ortiz: I get a daily quote and photo on Facebook that I often share. I haven’t needed her hypnosis talents yet, but when I do, I know who to call.  Another woman, Kathy Kline – keeps in touch via Facebook for her financial business.  Felena Hanson keeps me notified about her many philanthropic endeavors while she publicizes her women’s office spaces.  The trick of this is to know your customer demographics so that your tips and quotes are happily received. For more info on determining your demographics, click here.

Denise puts interesting thoughts on her facebook page so that I get them almost every day. She sent this one from the San Diego Entrepreneur Summit

That’s it! The 6 marketing elements that you absolutely must have to get out there in front of your customers.

Thanks for reading — if you have all six elements, congratulations!

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