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6 Obnoxious Cliches to Strike from Your Vocabulary FOREVER

6 Dumb Clichés – Never Use These Again! –  

Some clichés and grammar mistakes make me want to run away from the speaker immediately.  Here’s my list:


To Make a Long Story Short…

Cliches make you tiredHA.  The story stretches on forever, just like it was going to before the person uttered this totally useless cliché. You could also “cut to the chase” or “end it on a sour note.”


I Wish It Wasn’t/Weren’t So

You either learn the subjunctive use of this verb at your mother’s knee, or you struggle to correct “I wish I was” for the rest of your life. When you say “I wish I was….”, you make the grammar snobs’ lights go on. Whenever you (or someone else) wish something, use “were,” like this: “I wish you were going to give me a million dollars.” (There was no escape for me — my mom was an English teacher.)



Basically is a stupid word and makes me yawn. It is just like “To make a long story short.” It never gets us to the basics, it just fills time while the speaker rambles on. Just say what you were going to say and make your point — you can ALWAYS skip this word. “(Basically) Our AdHelper concept helps companies with marketing.”


With All Due Respect…

What follows this cliché is always a bunch of words that negates everything the “respected” person stands for. If you really respected them, you would be more circumspect.


You Got It!

After you order your filet mignon with béarnaise sauce and your Crystal champagne, your waiter says, “You got it!” Suddenly you’re in a diner. Correct grammar would be “You have it,” but that sounds strange. A better answer would be “Yes sir” or “(I’ll do that) Right away”  or any number of other responses that actually make sense.



A terrific response made popular by US teenagers. It ends all discussion.
(And infuriates the speaker, who is trying to get a point across. Which is why adolescent brains love it.)



That’s my list. I promise not to use these if you promise, too.

Thanks for reading! If you have some clichés you’d like to add to the list, GO FOR IT!    (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

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