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A Granny Guide to Techie Words We Should Know and Kind of Do but Not Really

Send This to Your Granny – Techie Words She MUST Know

Earlier this year I spent 2 days at the big Social Media Marketing World conference where 1100 people all in social media fields met to exchange information and to network.  

This is not a smartphone

This is not a smartphone.

OMG! I frkd out! How come I don’t know all this stuff?

DUH. It’s because I don’t have a teenager in my house. Even an 8-year-old would be helpful, but I don’t have one of those either.  So I emailed (should I have tweeted?) all my friends to send me words about what they don’t know, and that’s the point of this blog.  SO…here goes — watch for the words in red and green:


You’re reading one.  It’s short for “web log”, and it’s different from a web site because web sites usually look the pretty much the same day after day, but my blog is like a journal – I write in it every couple of days and hope that nice people like you will read it. (shameless marketing attempt which happens all the time in blogging because of the next item….)

And then I hope that you SUBSCRIBE to it, which means you type in your email address in the box on the right so that I can email you when I write something new that is hopefully more clever and useful to you than this.

And last, I hope that you SHARE it, which means that you hit one or more of the little round buttons at the bottom of this POST (post = this article).  By hitting a button like the “f” button, it will automatically put a little information onto your facebook page or into Linkedin about how much this post could help your friends so that they will find me.  And your friends will rush right here because they are so impressed with how smart you are about all this and happy that you’re helping them to get smart, too.


chainlinkOften when you are reading along on a web site or a blog, there are some underlined words.  Sometimes they say CLICK HERE which is a great help in knowing what to do, but sometimes you just need to know that if you put your cursor on the underlined word, the writer of the post has put in a hidden web address where more information can be found about that subject.

That address is called a LINK, and it takes you directly to another place on the internet.  When you read or watch a video there, then you can close that link by clicking on the X up on the right corner, and you’ll go back to the web site where you started.  Okay, so CLICK HERE for a cute animal photo donated by my niece Ariel.  


This is just what it says it is – “social” means having to do with people – in this case, billions of people.  “Media” is the plural of “medium”, which in this case means a method of conveying or communicating something.  So social media are channels or systems of communication, information, or entertainment.

SOCIAL MEDIA is/are all those web sites where we can communicate with other people, like Facebook or LinkedIn and where they can communicate their thoughts and ideas to us, too.

facebook page

Facebook is where you go to see stuff your friends think is clever. It usually is.

Facebook is only 9 years old, but 1.06 BILLION people get on facebook EVERY DAY.  It is becoming the new way to communicate and connect with friends – many people are now using it instead of email.  People set up a place all for themselves, called their PAGE, and they invite their friends to read and write on it.  (Called FRIENDING someone.)  Friends can make a choice whether they want to hook up (translation: get together) with you or not.  If you ever want to hear from your children or grandchildren again, you better hook up.

Or maybe you are resisting for PRIVACY reasons?  Sorry, forget it.  Nothing about you is private any more.  You know how you go to a web site and think you’re looking around on your own little computer and no one knows?  HA.  That website has software that is watching every move of your eyes and your cursor and seeing what you’re interested in, and then lo and behold!  The next day you find ads on your email site that pertain directly to what you were looking at!  What a coincidence!

So just get on facebook and invite your family to be your friends so they will think you’re “with it” – if you don’t, you’ll seem curmudgeonly, which of course is the kiss of death.


This is the new radio for this generation!  And it’s still so NEW!  When you finish reading this, you will be ahead of most of your peers!   A PODCAST is an audio recording that you can listen to, just like a 78 record or a tape recording.  WOW.  This is new?

This phone is smarter than I am.

This phone is smarter than I am.

What’s new is that almost anyone with a microphone and a little equipment can make a podcast, and anyone with a computer, smartphone, or ipad or other mobile device can listen to it any old time.  I listen to Michael Stelzner‘s podcasts about social media all the time.  Click on “play in a new window” below, and you’ll hear one of his podcasts:

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

So here’s what you do:  you pick up your iphone or ipad (I couldn’t figure out how to do this on my droid phone yet….darn, I should have bought an Apple iphone) and tap on iTunes (or download the app — more about apps in my next blog), and then tap on the iTunes “Store”, and select audiobooks, and then you try to type in “podcasts” without hitting any weird keys, and you will see hundreds of choices that you can download FREE.

Why would you want to do this?  Because you could be listening to the today’s Wall Street Journal stories while you clean out the garage.  You could be listening to a 36-minute podcast called “Do Zombies Really Exist” while you clean your kid’s room.  (You can find stuff like this in “Stuff You Should Know” along with other catchy titles like 21 minutes of “Do People Really Run Off to the Foreign Legion?”)

So that’s it for today – be sure to SHARE with the people you know that need this info, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE in the little box on the right so that you will get notified of my next blog post……after I study some more stuff I thought I might know and kind of do but not well enough to explain to you yet.

Would you like to read about other words like clouds and podcasts and things?  If so, click here.

Please share this article with your friends, and thanks for reading! 

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  1. sue says:

    Cherie! This is great!! I want to know what a tweet is, how to do it and why should I? What is the difference between tweeting and using facebook ? What are the other “social media” sites we should know about. I have no clue what squares, and QRs are, but I do now know that I need to be rebranding myself somehow. My image sucks. Now I really know :) what I already suspected. I am sending this onto my friends via facebook, glad you gave instructions or it would not be happening. Also can you add privacy issues to you list of topics. I see how business can use all this to their advantage, but I find it scary for the little non business type like myself to be so exposed.Hugs, Sue

  2. Jerry Greenspan says:

    Very well written. Looking forward to your next post

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