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Little guy with glasses finalThis blog is for entrepreneurs, franchisees, and all small businesses to help you keep up with marketing. I know you’re busy, and marketing is SO important…yet it is a constantly-changing target!

I started writing this blog to help you, and my goal is to bring you advertising and marketing ideas and info that will improve your marketing and save you time and money.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!  It helps me build a community of business people, and it will help you with some good ideas and info…and occasionally a smile or two.

If you want to contact me, please email me at Cheri@Adhelper.com

If you are needing information about the blog, it is a magazine style theme written in HTML and hosted on GoDaddy because the free hosts put ads on the sites, and I didn’t want any ads to be bothering you. I am on Twitter at @adhelpercom if you’d like to tweet.

I was getting over 300 comments a day from spammers, so I installed a plugin called Akismet. If you are for real and make a comment and don’t see it, please email me at Cheri@Adhelper.com – I really care about what you have to say.   Thanks for reading!


Cheri Carroll

Cheri Carroll

And as for my franchise experience:   I started into the franchising world in 1980 with Jack In The Box, and I’ve been in franchising since then — as a franchise director for several companies, a member of FranNet, and  since 2000 as a franchise consultant and developer. You can check out my franchise web at:  http://www.FranDevelop.com. 

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  1. Arnie Bertram says:

    I have joined your followers!

  2. AdHelper says:

    You are terrific! As your clients already know, you are always supportive of the efforts of others. I, Adhelper Bizpig, salute you!

  3. pat stewart says:

    I am on board.

  4. Alan says:

    Dear BizPig,
    You’ve got to do something about your wardrobe!
    Seriously, I’ve never seen such a great summary of everything a small business needs too know to market their business. If a business did nothing else but follow the advice of the eight articles on the home page, they would probably be ahead of 95% of businesses in having a great marketing plan. I can understand it, and thank you for not filling it with jargon that I would have to look up (SEO, SMM, and on and on).

    • AdHelper says:

      Dear Alanrossbird,
      I’m sorry you don’t like pink….I have quite a lot of it and am planning to wear my best outfit in a video pretty soon.

      I’m glad you like the blog, and you are really going to like the next three blogs, because they get to the “heart” of branding.

      Thanks for tuning in! — Adhelper Bizpig

  5. Ruth says:

    Thanks bizpig;
    I love the wardrobe; What a fun thing to do.
    I am on board for the marketing. I have been struggling with this and I like the info.
    Again thanks

  6. Lionel says:

    I have joined. Planning to review all the helpful information and put this
    to use on my projects.

    Thanks Again!

    • AdHelper says:

      I’m glad you’re on board, Lionel — maybe I will have followers in Thailand and the far east now, too? A. Bizpig

  7. Nhan Lieu says:

    Hello Bizpig,
    I appreciate your work! Joined your mail list.

  8. Bill Rowe says:

    Love the content here…

  9. Conni Partridge (aka Adora Mitchell Bayles) says:

    Hello! I have recently married and we just bought a farm in upstate New York. We will run a “Pick Your Own” business and will need lots of help with our website. I’m glad to join.
    Adora Mitchell Bayles
    aka Conni Partridge (new married name)

  10. Nick says:

    I wonder who’s hiding behind BizPig?

  11. Alan Bird says:

    This was a great article, the only one I’ve seen with data on results of retail combining with charities.

  12. Excellent, what a web site it is! This webpage provides valuable information
    to us, keep it up.

  13. Hi everyone! Thanks for commenting! I will try to fix the black print — it does make the comments a little hard to read. Welcome!

  14. Trudy Flowers says:

    I love your new look! Easy to read and navigate for topics of interest. Keep up the good work!

  15. Marilou says:

    Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post. I wanted to write
    a little comment to support you.

  16. Great website. Looks like you are hitting lots of great subjects surrounding marketing/advertising and small business!

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