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Just for Fun – Best Video Ads I’ve Seen Lately

Best Video Ads I’ve Seen Lately

A group of us from the LinkedIn group  called Ad Pros have been talking about really great ads and how to give them the recognition they deserve, and we’re working on how we might do that.  In the meantime, these are ad videos that I have watched all the way through and remembered.  In fact, some of them are very short stories that will touch you heart. See what you think:  (PS – if one of the small ads from YouTube appears on the screen, just X it out quickly so you don’t miss a thing)
(PS2 – if you only have time for a couple of them, I would pick the first and the last….but then come back because they’re all good)

This one is a story about having a dream come true – I wish every young person in the world could watch it!

This one is about a loving mom…

This one inspires you to jump up and move!

This one is for all women, and please think about its theme when you are watching it —
When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?

This last one made tears come to my eyes – it might be the best: se
Thanks for watching!
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  1. Toby says:

    Great videos. First one is very inspiring.

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