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How to Use Great Mobile Marketing Apps for Deals & Customers!

Major Mobile Marketing Apps You’ll Want to Use –   

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Downloading  Foursquare is easy

Our phones are getting smarter every day and mobile user numbers are multiplying like crazy! (see graph below) It’s time to make mobile marketing apps part of your 2014 marketing plan (and to use these apps to get deals for yourself, too).

You have some mobile marketing choices:

1. You can offer your own deals via your website and email your own customers about them,
2. You can use  text message marketing (click here for an excellent article on how that works), or
3. You can use one of the big mobile marketing apps that reach millions (which I’ll be discussing in this blog for the next couple of posts).
(or you can do all 3!)

When I tried to find posts that explained mobile marketing apps really thoroughly, I just couldn’t find any, so I’m going to concentrate on one app per post so that you really get what they’re doing. Today it’s….


Foursquare invites you to subscribe FREE to their mobile site, so download the app onto your phone.  Then, when you are out and about, you can log in using your phone and see personalized recommendations and deals based on your location and your tastes. As a user, it’s great.

You’ll be joining a whole lot of other people:
• Community: Over 45 million people worldwide (as of 1/2014)
• Over 5 billion check-ins, with millions more every day
• Businesses: Over 1.6 million using the Merchant Platform
• Employees: Over 170 between headquarters in New York and offices in San Francisco and London.

How to Start Your Foursquare Advertising

1.  You go to their site at foursquare.com/business and follow their instructions to make an ad. Setting up the ad is free; you only pay if someone acts on your ad – either by tapping to see your business details or by checking in at your business. (Foursquare says that 78% of people who search locally on their phone make a purchase.) Here are their suggestions for types of ads:
Highlight what’s special. “The best fish tacos around. Holy chipotle mayo!”
Feature an offer. “Buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair 50% off.”
Reward new customers. “Check in and get a drink on the house.”
Promote an event. “Live jazz every night starting at 8pm.”

mobile marketing app

Best restaurants near my location

2. Foursquare shows your ad to people in your area who are searching for something related or have been to similar places.

3. You’ll be able to see how your ad is doing in your dashboard by clicking on “Manage your ads” at any time. You’ll see:
• Number of Check-ins: Customers who physically check in to your store after seeing your ad. If a customer spends even $10, your Foursquare Ad could be paying for itself.
• Number of Taps (like clicks): People who tap on your ad to learn more about your business – directions, menu, phone number, and more.
• Number of Impressions (completely free): People who see your ad while searching for somewhere to go, increasing awareness of your business.

How Foursquare Decides Which Ad to Show & Charges for It

You make a bid. A bid is the most you’d be willing to spend for a new customer. Here’s what Foursquare says:

“When we spot a potential customer in your area, we use an auction to decide what ad to show them. To do this, we look at all bids from relevant nearby businesses, as well as how effective their ads are.

For instance, Mario’s Pizza may have bid $2.00 and 25% of people who see the ad visit their store, and Luigi’s Pizza may have bid $1.50 and 50% of people who view the ad visit their store.

To determine which ad to show, we compare those numbers. So, for Mario, their “score” is ($2.00 * 25%), or 0.5 “points.” And Luigi’s score is ($1.50 * 50%), or 0.75 “points.” In this auction, even though Luigi’s bid is lower, Luigi wins because their overall score is higher. So Luigi’s ad gets shown, and if a potential customer acts on the ad, Luigi pays the bid that would have given him the same score as Mario (or whoever had the second-highest score), which in this case is $1.00 (because $1.00 * 50% = 0.5).

If want to get more people to see your ad, you can either create a more compelling ad or raise your bid.”

Foursquare will recommend a bid amount when you create your ad. This way your ad will be more likely to show up when a potential customer is nearby, even if another business also has a bid. You can change your bid at any time.

How You Pay for Foursquare

You set up a budget for the amount that you’re willing to spend in a month, and you’ll never be charged more than that budget. You start with a comfortable number, then watch your action really closely to see how it’s working. You can always change your budget amount or your ad. You’ll get an email telling you when your budget is running low, and you’ll be billed weekly.

Consider this — you’ll be reaching mostly NEW customers who are either physically very near to your site or interested enough in your product to click and find out more. Worth a try?

In my next posts I’ll be talking about other mobile apps you’ll want to use, so thanks for reading – please subscribe and come back!

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