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Blogging Tips for Fun, Fame or Fortune

Blogging  – Isn’t it time you started?

Blogging about burning man

Maybe your blog will be about Burning Man activities…or crazy friends?

Are you considering starting a blog? Maybe to record your travel adventures (or maybe your wild week at Burning Man), the book reviews that your book club writes…or maybe you’re being pushed to start a blog for your company website? How about recording all your family history? (Or could it be just out of defense since your spouse/partner is on the computer all the time?)

Does it sound like a lot of trouble — learning all about computer stuff, finding out what words like “server” and “plain text” and “HTML” mean?

It can be.   
A lot of trouble, I mean.  But what if it sets you free?

Why you should start blogging for FUN!

If you’re thinking it would be FUN to tell people about your passion for wine, food, travel, etc. — it is!  1. You can show people your travel pics, your recipes, or your crazy videos of your whole gang sipping your newest beermaking effort.

And if you’re really good at making it interesting so that non-friends come to read what you have to say, 2. then you can “monetize” your blog — which means that you can put ads on the site and make some money if people click on the ads.  This could even lead to enough money to emancipate you from your day job.  3. You can make new friends and network with people of similar interests, and 4. then maybe travel more, too, this time tax-deducting it. All good! Read how to get started below this next section —

Why you should start blogging for BUSINESS


Maybe you’re blogging about wine…or celebrations

Jeff Bullas, one of the many bloggers that I follow, makes this list for us:

  1. Your brand awareness will grow
  2. It will open doors to global opportunities
  3. You’ll create business networking opportunities
  4. It will position you and your brand as a thought leader and expert
  5. If you put it on your website, your site will rank higher in search engines – (I am highlighting this because blogging adds new content to your site all the time, and the search engines LOVE this.)
  6. Learn a lot about your business and yourself
  7. Build an online asset that doesn’t sleep
  8. Grow as an individual and as a business
  9. Provide lifestyle freedom
  10. Gain access to free crowd sourced marketing

I am sure there are more but there is something for everyone. Done right it can be fun, a possible 15 minutes of fame and more and the promise of fortune.

Making Money – Always a good thing!

To make money from a blog in 2013 you do not have to be a Huffington Post. There are a bunch of ways to make money besides having ads on your blog (which you’ll notice this blog doesn’t have). Here’s a list from Jeff Bullas, and he should know because he makes a bunch of money from most of these:

1.  Advertising (you already knew that)
2.  Write books telling about your beermaking expertise or your success in blogging – you have a way to sell them
3.  Ebooks that you can sell or give away to get more subscribers
4.  Webinars (paid) and seminars and/or online classes that people pay to watch – there’s a lady who teaches cake decorating who is making thousands every month because people watch her $19.95 class
5.  Conventions and meetings like Mike Stelzner does here in San Diego for Social Media Examiner (and yes, I went to the first one last year and heard a bunch of famous social media people talk — like Guy Kawasaki and a bunch of others. It was great.)

10 key elements you will need to succeed

  1. Focused plan – what are you going to write about?  In case it isn’t apparent, this blog is about marketing – stuff you may want to know about and hadn’t heard yet.
  2. Blogging subjects

    Maybe you should be blogging about your heritage

    Memorable branding – Sumit Roy, a LinkedIn friend, says to get to the EMOTION of your brand — not just the benefits, but why people actually are interested. I have a long way to go on this and I’m working on it.

  3. The platform you own – I own the name and the site, and believe me, it is hard to find a good name that really says what you do.
  4. Design that works – I bought a $35 theme and then I changed everything because I like turquoise and gold – they are California colors. But I’m probably going to change soon.   I’m open to suggestions.
  5. Blogging and website hosting that runs 24/7  right now I am using Godaddy to host this blog, and I have been really happy with them. Not only are they cheap, they also have support people that answer the phone at 10:30 at night when your blog has been spammed and locked you out. And they can fix the problem!
  6. Creating and packaging your content – writing new things takes time, and sometimes I find other people who have said it better.
  7. Grow your social networks – the web is loaded with places to go and start networking. LinkedIn and Twitter have been great for me; I haven’t yet started on facebook and google+. I want to — I need more time and better branded graphics first.
  8. Optimise for search engines – this is one I’m going to have to pay someone to help me with. Good SEO will bring you more followers, which means more money. And the longer you’re around, the more the search engines find you, so hang in there.
  9. Network and build promotional partnerships – I have found so many new friends via LinkedIn – it’s amazing and lots of fun.
  10. Build an email list – of course you should ask your friends and readers to join you in building a committed readership — And so here is my request: won’t you please subscribe to this blog by putting your email address in the box on the right? I appreciate your reading this far, too.

How you get started blogging

blogging subjects

Maybe you’re blogging about friends….or travel

This advice is what I learned AFTER I hired a friend, Debra Simpson, to help me get  going, because I knew NOTHING.

First I went to WordPress, and it told me to select a theme (a pre-made format so your blog will look pretty), and I did that and put in my colors and worked so hard to write something decent (Debra helped me to make it look the way I wanted). Then my first blog post had ADVERTISING all over it! In fact, there was a video ad right at the end of my article like it was part of it.

I emailed WordPress and asked how to get rid of the ads, and they said that because WordPress is free, they need to make money somehow, and that’s why the ads would be staying. They were nice about it, but I just didn’t want ads. So then I went to Google and started to set up a free blog and found the same problem.

I ended up paying a little bit at Godaddy, found a new theme and went through the whole startup thing again (a little faster this time), and here I am!

Here is better advice if you can’t hire Debra:

1. WATCH YouTube. There are some great videos about starting blogs. They tell you exactly what to do and how to do it in great detail.

2. I just found Codecademy — what a great site to teach us things that we didn’t know about HTML and CSS. I can’t wait to get started.

3. Read blogs! There are millions of us out here giving lots of advice on how to do things right.

Contact me via email if you have questions:  adhelperbiz@gmail.com.  I’d be happy to help.

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