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Ad Expert Shares Her Collateral Secrets

Collateral materials
How to Create Mind-Blowing Collaterals on a Shoestring –  Collaterals that Cheri picked up at the GeekGirl Tech Conference and other fun places (which shows that if you have good collaterals, people keep them!) I have been working on a big franchise project for a client, and the expert who handles all the ads for the client is Cyndi Darlington.… Read More..
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10 Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency

online marketing agency meeting
Ten Impartial Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency (from a Partial Observer) If you’re in business, you probably have considered whether you need to hire an online marketing agency, but it’s such a new area of expertise – how do you know if you’ll be getting an agency who can really push you to the top of your industry… Read More..
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To All Ad Agencies – a MUST READ on Pitching

Can service providers gain profitable new business without pitching? World-renown expert Jorg Borgwardt of Relationship Audits and Management specifically sent this to Adhelper to share with you. Read more about Jorg under “Expert Contributors” and now, here’s Jorg:High pitching costs often far exceed potential profits from a new client in year one. Today, clients ask more companies to present… Read More..
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When and How Should You Hire an Ad Agency?

Need an advertising agency
– 9 Tipoffs That Should You Hire an Ad Agency Do your incoming calls look like a mountain range? Are you in that “feast or famine” mode of small businesses?  When you’re marketing you’re not working and making money, and when you’re working, you’re not marketing? So your incoming customer calls look like a mountain range – up and down?… Read More..
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