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5 Top MUST-KNOW Items for Do-It-Yourself Marketing

USP for Do-It-Yourself marketing
— Do-It-Yourself Marketing – Your 5 Top MUST KNOW Items Since this marketing blog is aimed at entrepreneurs and businesspeople, I’m going to assume that many of us, including me, use the Do-It-Yourself marketing method. Maybe you use the D-I-Y method because it’s fun and you love marketing, but maybe you use it because it’s cheap and you’re trying to… Read More..
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Top 5 Tips on How to Destroy Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand Expert Katy
How to Destroy Your Personal Brand Welcome to guest blogger, attorney, personal brand expert and consultant Katy Goshtasbi! She tells us how you can wreck everything you’re working to achieve: Katy Goshtasbi,Personal Brand Expert People buy your uniqueness — your special personal brand —  before they will ever buy a product or service from you. That means they have to… Read More..
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Elevator Speech Vs. Storytelling – Make Yourself Memorable

cat photo
Elevator Speech Vs. Storytelling – Make Yourself Memorable Several years ago I met three fascinating women – the Stiletto Speakers –  who agreed to come and talk to our SCORE women’s networking breakfast.  I thought they were going to talk about “The 17 Second Elevator Speech” kind of thing, but instead, they told a different tale…. Recounting the tales of… Read More..
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8 Steps to Create Your Personal Branding

Adhelper Bizpig
(I had some fun writing this blog as my alter-ego, Adhelper Bizpig, because A. Bizpig does have quite a different personal brand…) Many of you who are reading my blog are entrepreneurs, and that means that YOU are your brand.  Whether you are just getting started or are already on your way, be sure you are covering these 8 steps… Read More..
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Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Small Business

How's this for unique branding? Here I am in Hawaii, communing with nature while writing my blog.
Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Your Business Alex Milford gives us 10 top marketing strategies I just love some of the interesting discussions on LinkedIn, and here is one that really belongs in this blog for all of us who get involved in doing our own or our company’s marketing.  It was part of a marketing strategies discussion started by … Read More..
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Do You Tweet? Here are the basics…

How (and why) to Tweet  If you think (like I have been thinking) that Twitter’s tweeting is a fun but kind of silly exercise meant for someone else but not you for business, then I found out at the social media conference last week that we may have to consider changing our tunes.  DARN.  Like we don’t have enough to… Read More..
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Personal Branding – When YOU Are Your Brand

Katy Goshtasbi
Personal branding is for consultants, attorneys, artists, coaches, CPAs, or other professionals offering your services where YOU are your brand.  What you say and do establishes how your customers feels about you.  Katy Goshtasbi, a personal branding consultant, tells us how she helps people to build their personal brand: Building Your Personal Brand Clients and the general public often ask… Read More..
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Branding? You’ll smile at this unique idea…

A huge element of branding is based on the relationship you want to have with your customers. This is the second of a 4-part series on branding yourself and your company.  I got such a kick out of reading this in a friend’s blog, and you will, too — what if everyone treated everyone like this?  Katy Goshtasbi, expert at… Read More..
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