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Great Super Bowl Ads 2015

Best 2015 Super Bowl Ads are about Beer..no, wait — Feelings —  This blog is about marketing, and we just can’t ignore the biggest, most spectacular, and humongously expensive commercials ever made in the history of man! Notice when you watch these incredible ads that most of the time it’s not about the product?   It’s about tying your product to… Read More..
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Clever Ads – You’ll Smile…and Think!

Clever Ads Are IN!  The web gives you millions of potential viewers, but only if your ads can be a whole lot more entertaining than most.  What could you do to make your ads a little edgier……a little more from the far side…..well, okay — weirder??   How about this great ad — I have watched it at least 3 times: … Read More..
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