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Dealing with Difficult People

difficult person
Turn Your Difficult People into Fans! Do you have to deal with unhappy, complaining people? Who doesn’t?  And sometimes maybe you are one of those difficult people — have you ever called a company to complain, navigated through their extensive phone tree, only to either be cut off or put on hold until you gave up?  Argh@!+!**?/!!  Toooo bad for… Read More..
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Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Small Business

How's this for unique branding? Here I am in Hawaii, communing with nature while writing my blog.
Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Your Business Alex Milford gives us 10 top marketing strategies I just love some of the interesting discussions on LinkedIn, and here is one that really belongs in this blog for all of us who get involved in doing our own or our company’s marketing.  It was part of a marketing strategies discussion started by … Read More..
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Branding? You’ll smile at this unique idea…

A huge element of branding is based on the relationship you want to have with your customers. This is the second of a 4-part series on branding yourself and your company.  I got such a kick out of reading this in a friend’s blog, and you will, too — what if everyone treated everyone like this?  Katy Goshtasbi, expert at… Read More..
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