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Why Are Your Facebook Posts Disappearing?

When you're doing something fun with a whole bunch of people, immediate sharing will get more attention...but sharing several days later will mean you're BURIED about 2 miles down in their news feeds
Get Your Facebook Posts to the TOP!  – Are your Facebook posts get buried and instead you’re inundated with cute sayings and recipes? Are you getting a whole bunch of non-personal additions after most Facebook posts – things that are “related” that Facebook thinks might interest you (and make them some money) but have nothing to do with the person… Read More..
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How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

money in bag
— Facebook Advertising Cost: Maximum and Minimum Spends I have found some really good posts on advertising costs, and since any one of us in business at some point has considered advertising on Facebook (or we’re getting ready to think about it), I thought you’d appreciate this article by Marc Prosser of Fit Small Business.  Here are two acronyms you… Read More..
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The Perfect Facebook Post

The Perfect Facebook Post for Business Facebook has been around for 9 years, and 1.06 BILLION people read facebook every day!  It’s here to stay, and besides just reading it, 76% of the people who use it say they feel good when they are using social media – it is connecting us in a generally positive way. So of course… Read More..
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