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4 Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2016

Customer demographics bullseye
Important Marketing Info for 2016 —  It’s the start of a new year and time to talk about what marketers who are in the know are planning for their approach in the coming months. 1. Content Marketing Reigns Supreme 70% of surveyed marketers say they are creating more content than they did last year. That’s because those who created content… Read More..
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Your 2015 Marketing Checklist

Marketing Plan for New Year
Is Your 2015 Marketing Plan Ready? Here’s HUGE Help! This FREE Marketing Checklist itemizes the important advertising research, elements, methods, and venues that are available to you — have you considered them all? Sometimes during the holidays there are odd snippets of time. Time to think about adding something new to your search for more and better customers. You can… Read More..
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Turn Your Bland Speaking Gig into an EVENT!

No speaker mistakes
Don’t do this any more. You spend 15 hours writing your Powerpoint presentation. You spend an hour on the handouts, and a half hour planning what you’ll wear. How much time did you spend on GRABBING your listeners’ attention and getting them to remember you for a long, long time? You know that getting in front of a whole bunch… Read More..
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The 6 Essential Marketing Elements

marketing element
You absolutely must have these 6 marketing elements!  1. Business cards. (This is the easiest one) Your number one best marketing element is YOURSELF. So arm yourself with business cards that give all pertinent information in a readable font  – for info on making your business card better, click here. You’ll always need printed business cards, but having electronic is… Read More..
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6 Things Your Customers Really Want to Know

On your web, in your brochures, or part of your sales spiel, your customers really care about these 6 subjects. If you shy away from one of them or try talk around it, they’ll walk. Don’t waste time. Just tell them what they need to know in order to make a good decision: 1.  How much does it cost? Don’t… Read More..
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Does Your Marketing Meet the 6 Basic Human Needs?

basic needs - trust
Tony Robbins, well-known life coach and author, narrowed down our emotional needs to 6 categories that he called our “6 Basic Human Needs.” If your marketing can fulfill these needs, you’ll have a winning marketing campaign, so here goes: Basic Need #1: Certainty. (avoiding pain and gaining pleasure) Your customers need to trust you Your customers need to know that… Read More..
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Use This OTHER Big Mobile Marketing App

mobile app on phone
Mobile Marketing Apps to Help You Grow FAST – Groupon!    I’m still making my pitch to get you going with mobile! In my previous post I gave you some amazing numbers on how much mobile marketing apps are capturing all of us, and I explained how Foursquare works. Today we’re talking about the other mega-huge mobile app: Groupon. You’re familiar… Read More..
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5 Best Marketing Resolutions for 2014!

people toasting their resoutions
Use these fun resolutions for your 2014 success: These are the all-time favorite new year’s resolutions, but you’ll smile when you see them applied to your marketing, just like Dear Abby or horoscopes:   #1  Lose Weight All year long you kept adding tidbits to your website and blog and your traditional advertising. Now it’s time to get rid of… Read More..
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Franchise Marketing – Who Does What?

franchise marketing on target
Franchise Marketing Responsibilities – Franchisor & Franchisee Most franchisors collect a marketing fee, but what are they doing with it?  What SHOULD they be doing with it? This article is based on my 30 years of experience in franchising. Think of franchise marketing as growing in concentric circles, each circle getting thicker and more valuable as the franchise group grows.… Read More..
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6 Types of Images That Grab Attention – Infographic

cloud - tornado
6 Image Types for Engaging Your Customer Money catches my attention… I’m always looking for good photos that don’t cost much because perhaps you’ve noticed — this site doesn’t have any ads. Which means NO BUCKS. So if I crack for a photo, I’d sure like to know it’s going to catch your attention. And journalist Benjamin Kabin, while searching… Read More..
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Will Your Social Media Marketing Work for You?

web designer, social media expert
– Will Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Work? Web designer/developer Chris Green from Design Web Studio joins us again with a terrific infographic about your social media marketing strategy.  Here’s Chris: Chris Green,Guest Blogger After I recently submitted my latest online marketing strategy to a client, I was asked, and I will quote, “That all looks fantastic, but where exactly… Read More..
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Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Small Business

How's this for unique branding? Here I am in Hawaii, communing with nature while writing my blog.
Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Your Business Alex Milford gives us 10 top marketing strategies I just love some of the interesting discussions on LinkedIn, and here is one that really belongs in this blog for all of us who get involved in doing our own or our company’s marketing.  It was part of a marketing strategies discussion started by … Read More..
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