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The 6 Essential Marketing Elements

marketing element
You absolutely must have these 6 marketing elements!  1. Business cards. (This is the easiest one) Your number one best marketing element is YOURSELF. So arm yourself with business cards that give all pertinent information in a readable font  – for info on making your business card better, click here. You’ll always need printed business cards, but having electronic is… Read More..
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The Incredible Sales Secret No One Uses

Are you leaving out the most important element of your sales? I’ve been in franchise sales nearly all my life, and what a kick sales can be if you know what you’re doing. For a lot of years I sold instinctively, but after taking a very expensive sales course and being mentored by a true expert (Howard Bassuk of FranNet),… Read More..
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6 Social Media Myths That Can Hurt Your Marketing

statista chart on social media
Do You Believe These Social Media Myths?   Giving up on videos because you haven’t had one go viral? Skipping Google+ because it doesn’t have as many people using it as Facebook? Time to read these 6 social media myths because you’re thinking just like I did: Myth No. 1: If it doesn’t go viral, it wasn’t worth the effort. When… Read More..
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6 Things Your Customers Really Want to Know

On your web, in your brochures, or part of your sales spiel, your customers really care about these 6 subjects. If you shy away from one of them or try talk around it, they’ll walk. Don’t waste time. Just tell them what they need to know in order to make a good decision: 1.  How much does it cost? Don’t… Read More..
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Free PR? Write a Press Release? Oh Nooooooo

PR and How to Get It – Local Newspapers are great   Are you pushing so hard with your social media that you forget about all the other free ways to do your marketing? Or does it sound really hard to get something in the newspaper? Guess what – it’s not that hard.  Here’s a bunch of ideas for you on… Read More..
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Does Your Marketing Meet the 6 Basic Human Needs?

basic needs - trust
Tony Robbins, well-known life coach and author, narrowed down our emotional needs to 6 categories that he called our “6 Basic Human Needs.” If your marketing can fulfill these needs, you’ll have a winning marketing campaign, so here goes: Basic Need #1: Certainty. (avoiding pain and gaining pleasure) Your customers need to trust you Your customers need to know that… Read More..
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Use This OTHER Big Mobile Marketing App

mobile app on phone
Mobile Marketing Apps to Help You Grow FAST – Groupon!    I’m still making my pitch to get you going with mobile! In my previous post I gave you some amazing numbers on how much mobile marketing apps are capturing all of us, and I explained how Foursquare works. Today we’re talking about the other mega-huge mobile app: Groupon. You’re familiar… Read More..
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How to Use Great Mobile Marketing Apps for Deals & Customers!

Major Mobile Marketing Apps You’ll Want to Use –    Downloading  Foursquare is easy Our phones are getting smarter every day and mobile user numbers are multiplying like crazy! (see graph below) It’s time to make mobile marketing apps part of your 2014 marketing plan (and to use these apps to get deals for yourself, too). You have some mobile marketing… Read More..
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3 Important Social Media Lessons

social media lessons learned
Have you learned these very same social media lessons during this past year?    Wow, it’s been almost a year since I started this blog, and there has been a crazy amount to learn! Let’s see if we agree on  these 3 important social media lessons: 1. The need for more and more content is GONE. Stop killing yourself to write… Read More..
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Do People Trust Your Ads?

testimonial not ads people trust
What ads DO people trust?    Don’t you just love “free” social media marketing? HA. hahahahaha By now, everyone on the planet knows that not only does it cost $$ to grab attention on the web, it also takes many hours of (wo)manpower. And of course you have to read endless content articles to figure out how to do everything. Felix… Read More..
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How To Make Great-Looking Display Ads

USP for Do-It-Yourself marketing
9 tips to make your display ads WORK      Do you put ads on your Facebook page, or on your web page, or even print them on postcards to send out? Wherever you put them, what’s the point if they aren’t eyecatching to your prospects?  Display ads are the graphics that you use on the web, but you may also use… Read More..
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Target Marketing to Gen X, Gen Y, & Gen Z

teenage customer demographics
Target Your Customer Demographics to Save Your $$   Who is going to spend the most money with you? This post is to help you save marketing time and money by using customer demographics about age groups to target your BEST customers.  (Free customer demographic survey – see below.) Last post I covered the HUGE, wealthy Over-50 age groups. This post… Read More..
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BIG BUCKS! – Demographics of the Over 50 Crowd

customer demographics - age 50
How to Use Customer Demographics to Save Your Marketing $$ A couple of blog posts ago I wrote about how you can save money on your marketing by aiming your ads directly toward your best clients — using your customer demographics to target your marketing where it will do you the most good.  I really like the idea of making… Read More..
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5 Best Marketing Resolutions for 2014!

people toasting their resoutions
Use these fun resolutions for your 2014 success: These are the all-time favorite new year’s resolutions, but you’ll smile when you see them applied to your marketing, just like Dear Abby or horoscopes:   #1  Lose Weight All year long you kept adding tidbits to your website and blog and your traditional advertising. Now it’s time to get rid of… Read More..
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Sick of BORING Content? Try these!

boring content
FUN Alternatives for Boring Content –  You don’t have to hire a makeup artist or memorize a script — you can make something fun like this! Watch my very first effort, and then I’ll tell you about it…..I gave myself about 3 hours to watch their very good teaching videos and make this whiteboard. I know — the sound… Read More..
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How to Save Money on Your Marketing

franchise marketing persona
Use Customer Demographics to TARGET  Your Funds What if you could figure out the type of person who is your best customer and use that information — called customer demographics — to get a whole lot more people just like that person?  WOW, the money you spend on ads would really work, and you would only have to use the… Read More..
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Franchise Marketing – Who Does What?

franchise marketing on target
Franchise Marketing Responsibilities – Franchisor & Franchisee Most franchisors collect a marketing fee, but what are they doing with it?  What SHOULD they be doing with it? This article is based on my 30 years of experience in franchising. Think of franchise marketing as growing in concentric circles, each circle getting thicker and more valuable as the franchise group grows.… Read More..
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How to Set Up Your Text Messaging Marketing Program

text messaging marketing
Your Customers are Mobile – So Use Text Messaging! Text messaging is fast, productive, and cheap. AND it reaches your customers where they are now: on their mobile phones. AND it’s not that hard to do! Text messages have a 97% read rate and an average 10% response with many campaigns reaching 40%-50% or higher. Right now, half your clients… Read More..
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