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Make Sense of Your OnLine Retail System

online retail system demo
On-Line Retail System Chaos –  If you have a website that sells something, you probably know that your site’s design is quite complex — much more so than just presenting content. Yesterday I received an email from an unknown person — I have no idea how it got through my spam filters — but whatever she did worked, so she’s… Read More..
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Does Your Marketing Meet the 6 Basic Human Needs?

basic needs - trust
Tony Robbins, well-known life coach and author, narrowed down our emotional needs to 6 categories that he called our “6 Basic Human Needs.” If your marketing can fulfill these needs, you’ll have a winning marketing campaign, so here goes: Basic Need #1: Certainty. (avoiding pain and gaining pleasure) Your customers need to trust you Your customers need to know that… Read More..
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Use This OTHER Big Mobile Marketing App

mobile app on phone
Mobile Marketing Apps to Help You Grow FAST – Groupon!    I’m still making my pitch to get you going with mobile! In my previous post I gave you some amazing numbers on how much mobile marketing apps are capturing all of us, and I explained how Foursquare works. Today we’re talking about the other mega-huge mobile app: Groupon. You’re familiar… Read More..
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How To Make Great-Looking Display Ads

USP for Do-It-Yourself marketing
9 tips to make your display ads WORK      Do you put ads on your Facebook page, or on your web page, or even print them on postcards to send out? Wherever you put them, what’s the point if they aren’t eyecatching to your prospects?  Display ads are the graphics that you use on the web, but you may also use… Read More..
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10 Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency

online marketing agency meeting
Ten Impartial Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency (from a Partial Observer) If you’re in business, you probably have considered whether you need to hire an online marketing agency, but it’s such a new area of expertise – how do you know if you’ll be getting an agency who can really push you to the top of your industry… Read More..
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