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4 Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2016

Customer demographics bullseye
Important Marketing Info for 2016 —  It’s the start of a new year and time to talk about what marketers who are in the know are planning for their approach in the coming months. 1. Content Marketing Reigns Supreme 70% of surveyed marketers say they are creating more content than they did last year. That’s because those who created content… Read More..
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How to Do Your Social Media Marketing Better

text messaging marketing
Doing Your Social Media Marketing Right —   When you’re pushed for time with all the other demands from your business, it’s hard to make time to learn new apps. If you’re like me, you just plunge in and try to make things work. Frustrating? Of course. Does it work? I’m finding that fragmented attempts just aren’t good enough when it’s… Read More..
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Social Media Marketing Hiring for Small Businesses

social media marketing salaries shows woman needing job
How to Hire Someone Elastic! – Need help with your social media marketing? How much are you going to have to pay? Since this blog is aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, chances are that you’re not looking for a Chief Digital Officer at $200K or a VP of Digital Marketing at $140K. Lots of us have been outsourcing some… Read More..
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LinkedIn Etiquette for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn Etiquette for Sales
20 Quick Tips for Using LinkedIn Right —  Wow, this has been a busy two weeks of hard work! That means that I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on LinkedIn. So I disappear for a week or so and then go back — how about you?  I like catching up and getting new ideas, and it’s really… Read More..
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6 Social Media Myths That Can Hurt Your Marketing

statista chart on social media
Do You Believe These Social Media Myths?   Giving up on videos because you haven’t had one go viral? Skipping Google+ because it doesn’t have as many people using it as Facebook? Time to read these 6 social media myths because you’re thinking just like I did: Myth No. 1: If it doesn’t go viral, it wasn’t worth the effort. When… Read More..
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How to Use Great Mobile Marketing Apps for Deals & Customers!

Major Mobile Marketing Apps You’ll Want to Use –    Downloading  Foursquare is easy Our phones are getting smarter every day and mobile user numbers are multiplying like crazy! (see graph below) It’s time to make mobile marketing apps part of your 2014 marketing plan (and to use these apps to get deals for yourself, too). You have some mobile marketing… Read More..
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3 Important Social Media Lessons

social media lessons learned
Have you learned these very same social media lessons during this past year?    Wow, it’s been almost a year since I started this blog, and there has been a crazy amount to learn! Let’s see if we agree on  these 3 important social media lessons: 1. The need for more and more content is GONE. Stop killing yourself to write… Read More..
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Do People Trust Your Ads?

testimonial not ads people trust
What ads DO people trust?    Don’t you just love “free” social media marketing? HA. hahahahaha By now, everyone on the planet knows that not only does it cost $$ to grab attention on the web, it also takes many hours of (wo)manpower. And of course you have to read endless content articles to figure out how to do everything. Felix… Read More..
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How to Set Up Your Text Messaging Marketing Program

text messaging marketing
Your Customers are Mobile – So Use Text Messaging! Text messaging is fast, productive, and cheap. AND it reaches your customers where they are now: on their mobile phones. AND it’s not that hard to do! Text messages have a 97% read rate and an average 10% response with many campaigns reaching 40%-50% or higher. Right now, half your clients… Read More..
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Psssst! Wanna Buy Some SEO?

– SEO – Can You Buy Your Way to the Top? After so many years of owning websites, everyone knows that for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, you need to stress your keywords and write some new content every so often. But then people started getting more competitive, and that’s how the biggest search of all started: how… Read More..
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Will Your Social Media Marketing Work for You?

web designer, social media expert
– Will Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Work? Web designer/developer Chris Green from Design Web Studio joins us again with a terrific infographic about your social media marketing strategy.  Here’s Chris: Chris Green,Guest Blogger After I recently submitted my latest online marketing strategy to a client, I was asked, and I will quote, “That all looks fantastic, but where exactly… Read More..
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Small Business Has Problems with Social Media

Money flying away
Social Media ROI Not So Hot for Small Businesses Manta, a fast-growing site that promotes small businesses, Manta’s Small Business Social Media Survey recently came out with a survey on how small businesses are doing with their social media efforts. Also last month, both Forbes and USAToday ran stories based on that survey. The Forbes piece was titled, “Why Small… Read More..
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13 Social Media Rules of Behavior so You Play Nice

Bizpig rule of social media
You’ve heard me talk about the Social Media Marketing World Conference that I attended a while back, and a whole lot of ideas came out of that 1100-people, first-of-its-kind meeting, and there was a lot of talk about what social media rules and proper social media behavior should be. Patricia Redsicker shares “The Rules” with us There are certain “truths”… Read More..
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