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Elevator Speech Vs. Storytelling – Make Yourself Memorable

Elevator Speech Vs. Storytelling – Make Yourself Memorable

Several years ago I met three fascinating women – the Stiletto Speakers –  who agreed to come and talk to our SCORE women’s networking breakfast.  I thought they were going to talk about “The 17 Second Elevator Speech” kind of thing, but instead, they told a different tale….

Recounting the tales of Cinderella, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood are what come to mind when most people hear the word storytelling. But for Stiletto Speakers, storytelling for business networking success means developing and communicating YOUR story in a way that gives your listener vital information about your personal and business BRAND:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you do it for
  • What you stand for

And here’s the story:

A few months ago we were at a fundraising event. There were eight people gathered around a table having tea. The conversation was casual and free flowing. Two of the women at the table were sisters. They were recounting their respective childhoods. One of the sisters started talking about how she LOVED to sew and as a small child had dreams of being a designer. She put her hands out on the table and mimicked playing with a Ken and Barbie doll. She said, ‘I always wanted to work for Mattel, designing clothes for Ken and Barbie.’

cat photo

Maybe your story can be a Cinderella story too! It sure beats listening to an elevator speech…

She went on to tell us that while she never worked for Mattel,  she spent years in Los Angeles designing bridal gowns and that she and her husband moved down to San Diego where she started her own design business working with women who want everything from unique apparel, to Roman Shades and customized upholstery. She talked about staying up all night sewing aprons for the charity event that we were attending and how much fun she had doing it.

In less than two minutes, without even knowing it, she spoke her BRAND perfectly by telling us a story. In this short encounter with her, we found out that she was:

  • Passionate about her craft since childhood
  • An experienced seamstress who could SEW anything
  • Someone who worked with women who wanted something different than “off-the-shelf” apparel, home furnishings and accessories
  • Inspiring, committed and hardworking

Our experience meeting this woman for the very first time was uplifting. When we left the event we spoke about her in the car, recounted her story to a colleague (who knew someone who might need her services), and most importantly, because of her storytelling ability, we can remember, repeat and refer™.  (which is the whole point of networking, right?)

While the definition of storytelling is broad, in today’s business climate, using a well crafted story to communicate your personal and business brand might result in a Cinderella type ending where you and your business live happily ever after.

What I learned from these vivacious women is that I can drop my boring elevator speech and network with confidence when I speak sincerely and personally about my work and my product. 

Thank you to Melissa Crothers, Ann von Gal, and Gloria Sandvick
— read more about them in our “Contributors Section.”   

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