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Why Are Your Facebook Posts Disappearing?

Get Your Facebook Posts to the TOP!  –

Are your Facebook posts get buried and instead you’re inundated with cute sayings and recipes? Are you getting a whole bunch of non-personal additions after most Facebook posts – things that are “related” that Facebook thinks might interest you (and make them some money) but have nothing to do with the person who sent the original post?

What I want to see on Facebook are my friends, and I want them to see all my posts. Most people feel this way – don’t you? And if you have a business that depends on Facebook to keep your products or services in front of potential customers, you can see the problem. Your customers will unfriend you if you bombard them with “ads.” So you have gotten more clever about it, but now Facebook is throwing in a few new curves…

Facebook just announced some changes in how they are regulating the posts that you are seeing. There are several new ways they are ranking both the posts that you write and as well as the posts that are allowed into your news feed:

1. Trending Topics.

When you're doing something fun with a whole bunch of people, immediate sharing will get more attention...but sharing several days later will mean you're BURIED about 2 miles down in their news feeds

When you’re doing something fun with a whole bunch of people, immediate sharing will get more attention…but sharing several days later will mean you’re BURIED about 2 miles down in the news feeds. So post fast!

Sometimes the topic that you’re posting is only interesting at a certain time – like you’re watching a football game and commenting on it. Facebook says that items on trending topics go to the top of newsfeeds so that everyone can quickly comment back on those hot topics. But when the game is over, that topic is no longer very interesting and might get buried down where you have to scroll a while to see it….if you see it at all.

So when the Facebook bots are “reading” your posts and rearranging newsfeeds based on what they ”think” are hot topics, can you make this work for you? YES!

Tie your business posts to current events, like “I’m on the road talking to clients and I just happened to run into the Boston Marathon!” OR “Check this out – here’s our AdHelper staff rocking to Paul McCartney at the stadium.” The main thing is, if people know who you are and what you’re selling, you can skip the product message completely.

The main point of Facebook business posts is to establish relationships. People want to hear about PEOPLE, not product sales.

Felena Hanson does it beautifully with her Hera Hub posts (women’s shared office space). She posts from a conference or event that is going on right at that moment, and other women at the conference respond, pushing the post and getting better coverage. She isn’t advertising her product directly – she is reminding us that she’s a friend, and her business is available when we need it. Take a look at the photo below, and she is using the next big Facebook change to her advantage, too:

2. Timing the “Likes.”

Likes have always been part of the Facebook ranking system – the more likes a post receives determines how high up it is shown in a news feed. But now Facebook also is going to start looking at WHEN people choose to like, comment, and share.

Get a bunch of enthusiastic people to do some mutual and timely posting, and you'll be the top of everyone's news feed! These entrepreneurs are at a meeting at Hera Hub, San Diego

Get a bunch of enthusiastic people to do some mutual and timely posting, and you’ll be the top of everyone’s news feed! These entrepreneurs are at a meeting at Hera Hub, San Diego

This really doesn’t work for people (like me and maybe like you?) who only post and/or check out their Facebook page once a day or even once every couple of days because Facebook is basing this ranking on whether people are engaging with the post right after it was posted and not so much a few hours later.

Heck, you probably work all day and so do your friends – they aren’t checking out their Facebook pages 10 times a day, so no one is going to “like” your post immediately – they have to get home, fix some dinner, pay some bills, put the kids to bed, and THEN they may get on Facebook. By then your post has DIED and is 2 miles down in the scroll.

Here’s what Facebook says: “If people are engaging with the post right after it is posted and not as much a few hours later, this suggests that the post was most interesting at the time it was posted, but potentially less interesting at a later date. Based on this signal it is more likely to appear higher in News Feed earlier on and lower at a later date.”

What can you do to increase your chances of being read?
Post when you know people are reading – specifically YOUR customers.
(Don’t forget the obvious:  ASK people to like and share your posts, and you’ll do the same for theirs.)

How do you find that out when your customers are on line?
Ask your email provider (like Mailchimp) what’s the best time for sending an email. Your provider will tell you the best time to get your customers to open your email, which means that they’re on line or on their mobile at that time. So post your Facebook post then, too.

Or, consider these:

• When you post at a conference, tell all the people around you that you’re posting and invite them to join you. You can get a whole lot of new friends this way, too.
• Watching a big event, send some posts to friends that you know are watching too – even if they are sitting next to you! Don’t forget to post a great photo.
• Catch people after work or after dinner.
• Find moms of young kids mid-morning or mid-afternoon during nap times.
• Find sports addicts during the weekend’s afternoon and evening games.
• Catch office workers just before or after lunch.

Facebook says, “We are also going to start taking this signal (a very active post with likes and comments) into account when considering which stories we bump in News Feed. Bumping is when we resurface stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see but are still getting lots of engagement. This is one more way that we’re working to identify timely posts so we can show them nearer the top of your News Feed sooner.”

How to Get More Likes

Besides timing your posts and linking them to trending activities, Social Media Examiner offered these important suggestions for getting people to give you more likes, comments, and shares:

1.  Solve their problems at no cost.

2.  When you help people with their smaller problems, many will look to you for their bigger issues.
If you can multiply free assistance by hundreds, thousands or millions of people, you can rapidly grow your business.

3.  Don’t focus on yourself, your products or services.
Remember, people don’t care about you
Shine the spotlight on others like outside experts or successful peers
When you lift people up, they’ll lift you up.

4.  You no longer need the hard sell if you demonstrate your expertise by the:

  • Content you produce
  • Ideas you showcase
  • Stories you share
  • People you attract.

 Thanks so much for reading — won’t you please share? 


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