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Free PR? Write a Press Release? Oh Nooooooo

PR and How to Get It –

free PR

Local Newspapers are great

  Are you pushing so hard with your social media that you forget about all the other free ways to do your marketing? Or does it sound really hard to get something in the newspaper? Guess what – it’s not that hard.  Here’s a bunch of ideas for you on how to get some PR:

Set your target.

You hear this same blah blah blah at the start of every marketing article: know who is your best customer, use your customer demographics, identify etc etc etc.  All true. If you don’t know how to get your customer demographics, CLICK HERE for help so we can move on.

Figure out who/what reaches your target.

Runner’s World? Neighborhood News? City Magazine? Condo complex newsletter? Trade website? Every type of media can tell you about their readership. Google for media in your town, make a list of the media you find, and check closer on the ones that sound right for you. (Hint: Adhelper feels your pain on doing this and we’re working to bring you an easy way, so please stay subscribed.) You can also buy lists for your area with all the contact info.

Sign up for free publicity.


They got HUGE free PR through HARO

I love this one! HAROHelp a Reporter Out – is a free way to get your expertise and/or product into the world. You sign up and you’ll get 3 emails a day with queries from reporters and worldwide media that are looking for stories on a certain subject. If it fits with your expertise, contact the reporter. This kind of unusual PR can bring you a lot of new people you never would have reached.

Hire someone.

I know it’s not free, but I had to mention it. Of course it’s easier to hire a PR firm – if you have the money, do it! The trouble is, you can’t just hand over $1K and expect something to happen – they are going to need some regular monthly payments while they get to know you and work on some angles that they will use to find you publicity. You still have to spend a bunch of time educating them and pushing them along, so I don’t recommend this one until you have a healthy marketing budget. (Like, is there ever enough?)

Buy an ad.

If you are in a huge city, a very small ad could cost $1K and more – and who’s going to see it? Unless it is offering one heck of a great deal, your response is going to be low, and the newspaper isn’t going to pick up your story. BUT, if your neighborhood has a paper, you can often buy some ads and get a PR story about your company…especially if you write the story and send some photos. More on this in a minute.

Write a story or send a press release.

PRThis is where a lot of people shut down. That’s good for you – less competition. Here’s what to do:

  1. Decide which media reaches your target audience.
  2. Read at least a couple of copies of that media cover to cover to understand the type of stories they like.
  3. Find out which reporters/writers are the most likely to use your material.
  4. Decide if there is a “best time” to get you noticed, like before the spring for your wedding dresses, or in February-March for your summer vacation ideas.
  5. Decide whether a big announcement of something new will get attention – a press release. Or, should you submit a funny or intriguing story about a client, you, or the use of your product?
  6. For press releases, see below.
  7. For human interest story ideas, think back to the last times you told a friend about things that happened at work. Is there a touching story, a person in need that you helped? How about a funny animal story or an amusing little kid?  Write the story and run it by someone else to edit and add ideas.
  8. Headlines are important. Spend time on wording that will connect to people.
  9. Photos are big-time IMPORTANT. Send 3-6 digitally as well as in the story.
  10. No matter what you send, always send complete information on yourself and your company – bio, product, photos, FAQ’s, and all your contact information.

Example of a Press Release:

Complete Date

Cheri Carroll



AdHelper.com announces that its new marketing blog has hit the “Top Ten Marketing Blogs” in the US. This unique site offers free customized marketing advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Cheri Carroll, blog writer of AdHelper.com, says, “As a business owner, I found it incredibly complex and time-consuming to keep on top of all the changes in marketing, especially with social media. So I decided that I would help others while I helped myself.

Her quest for knowledge is what encouraged her to develop a site that would deliver information on both social media as well as traditional marketing.

Blah blah blah with more details……

Blah blah blah with a special quote….

Business owners and marketers of all types should go to http://Adhelper.com to get weekly updates on their marketing knowledge.



PHOTO 1 – Screenshot of AdHelper site

PHOTO 2 – Cheri Carroll at work on the site

PHOTO 3 – Results of the national listing showing AdHelper.com



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