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5 Tips to Make Your Video WORK for you!

You absolutely need some videos to liven up your web site!  And you can make your emails come alive; plus, videos make your web site stickier, which is good, and they get your message across to lots of people who won’t take the time to read, but will watch.  (That’s just about everybody.)

I just watched a great video over on Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner site — if you don’t already read his stuff on social media, you will want to — I have learned so much from Mike with his podcasts and advice, and I’m going to his big social media conference in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, Mike was talking to  James Wedmore, author of The YouTube Marketing Book, founder of Video Traffic Academy

James said that if you are making a video to help you sell your product or service, it should be structured like this:

and then he put his money where his mouth is and made a video to demonstrate it all.  Take 3 minutes to watch it — it’s worth it!

So here are a few tips:

1.   If you don’t have someone to shoot the video for you, do it yourself from your webcam.  Try to keep the dog from barking and the kids from running in, and have something nice behind you — not the open door to the you-know-what.

2.   Make a list of the items you are going to talk about so that you don’t ramble on and on.

3.   Keep it concise.  You notice I didn’t say “short” — if your content is rich, you can keep going.  If it is just an introductory video, 30-35 seconds is enough.

4.  My friend Sandra Harris, a videographer, taught me to jump up and down and smile before you start shooting so that you get an energetic feel to your video.

5.   Last, and this one is hard, SMILE ALL THE TIME!  You need to keep a smile in your voice even if you are talking — otherwise it starts getting glum.  And I know this is true from personal experience, because I made the worst video OF ALL TIME about one of the SCORE workshops.  I was so embarrassed when I saw it — I hope they have burned it.  (I remembered all my lines — but that’s exactly how it came across — reciting lines.)

Do you have hints that you would like to add?  Please click on the title of this posting and leave a comment.

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