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Important New Data for Retail Sellers – online or bricks/mortar

Selling from a Retail Store or Online? 

I read quite a few blogs and try to bring you the newest in marketing ideas and help, and I just came across a new study that’s worth sharing. It’s called “2014 Future of Retail” and it measures changing trends and consumer behaviors.

If you’re in retail or know someone who is, you’ll want to read this new report showing how online options affect retail shopping.


The question was:  How often do you shop Online?   Study done by WalkerSands Communications

Here are some of the many important things that this study is saying to me:

If you are selling any kind of item at all from a retail store, you need to offer that item on line as well, regardless of cost or type of item.

If you’re moaning about the cost of a retail site, just do a Google search on “retail templates” — you’ll find them for $15 and up.

Do you think that people won’t buy fashions without trying them on?  This new study says that 48% WILL.

Shipping is a huge issue when buying on line, and the study gives exact information on the different options you can offer and how they will affect your sales.

I was surprised at the number of people who carry very limited cash (less than $20) and pay almost exclusively by credit or debit cards. This illustrates how important it is to streamline your credit card procedures.

But let me stop telling you about the study and send you there!   WalkerSands

Thanks for reading! If you valued this article, you’ll want to read  “50 Tips for Improving Your Store, Salon, etc.”

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  1. michael hubbord says:

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find outt some additional information.

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