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The Incredible Sales Secret No One Uses

Are you leaving out the most important element of your sales?

I’ve been in franchise sales nearly all my life, and what a kick sales can be if you know what you’re doing. For a lot of years I sold instinctively, but after taking a very expensive sales course and being mentored by a true expert (Howard Bassuk of FranNet), my confidence and skill took a big leap forward. So I’m sharing with you the INCREDIBLE secret that Howard taught me.

Which of these do you think is the most important element when trying to make a sale? (They’re all important, of course, some more than others.) – No fair skipping to the end to see my favorite until you pick yours:

1. The customer

salesYou have to find someone who is qualified financially and has an interest in buying what you’re selling. Then you have to get in front of that customer physically – a visit, a phone call, even a webchat. (Or maybe you have a product that’s easy to sell on the web – lucky you!)

2. Your product

Your product needs to give the customer what he/she needs or wants. If someone else’s product is just as good or better, you’re going to have to work harder to figure out your best competitive advantages. I think the best way to overcome competition is to share your knowledge freely and honestly with your customers because people buy from people they like and trust.

3. Your benefits 

You’ll customize these to the needs of the customer. You’ll ask questions and listen closely to the answers so that you can show how your product will help make life better for your customer. This one is really important.

4. Your product knowledge

SalesKnow your product information inside and out so that you can answer all questions, putting you ahead of the herd.

5. Your industry knowledge

If you have studied all your competitor’s products inside and out, you will counter objections with ease, discussing your competitive advantages.

6. Your skill

Get good sales training and practice using role play so that you understand the progression of a sale and where you are in the process. If you don’t understand the customer’s signals and try to hurry or skip steps, you may find yourself going all the way back to the beginning…or giving up when there could have been a sale.

7. Your courage

It takes courage and skill to close the deal. Lots of salespeople are afraid to clearly ask for the sale. They say something like, “So, what do you think?” This is NOT a closing statement. Your close needs to be a clear closing statement: “Do you want to purchase this in red or do you prefer the green?” “How many would you like to order today?” “What day would you like to begin next week – will Tuesday work for you?”

8.  Secret element


It works on the phone, too, and helps you
make a stronger connection

All of the above are crucial, but here’s the secret element. I sold for many years without it and did okay. But I did so much better once I understood it. The secret is EMOTION. If you don’t get the customer’s emotions involved, they can walk out any old time. Here’s what you need to know from them so that you can engage their emotions:
How will your product make them feel?
And conversely, how would they feel if they couldn’t have your product?

If you’re experienced, you’ll be able to guess some of their emotions pretty closely, but don’t just assume – ask!

  • Pain (the most effective emotion): “How will you feel about looking out at this garden if you don’t replant those blighted areas?”
  • Accomplishment: “When you finish this class, will you be the most informed person in your company?” and keep going:  “What will that mean to you?”
  • Pride/envy: “Oooh, your friends are going to die of envy when they see you wearing this.”
  • Pain: “What will happen to your family if you don’t get a business up and running soon?”

Well, you get the idea, but if you’re not sincere, don’t bother with this because they’re going to know you don’t give a darn, and they’re going to walk away.  If you engage their emotions and empathize sincerely, you’ll be amazed what happens.

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