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Is Your Photo Your Personal Branding Tool or Turnoff?

I was sitting by Stefanie Blue at a recent class, and I knew who she

Personal Branding Photo

What message is this woman conveying to you?
Answer below

was because my friend Lisa had her photo done by Stefanie, and it was terrific. Another client of mine had used an old photo of herself on a promo piece, and I thought it was a mistake — it was cute instead of being professional.

It made me realize how important our photos are – everything we do now is so graphically-oriented. So I asked Stefanie if she would write something for this blog, and she did! Perhaps I’ll try to make my Adhelper Bizpig photo more memorable? Here’s Stefanie’s advice:

Your photo is your personal branding

Personal Branding Photo

What does he want you to think about him?
Answer below

As an entrepreneur, or an employee, you are your own best sales tool (or hindrance).

Even if marketing and sales isn’t “your thing”, you need customers to buy your product in order to be successful.  You’ve heard time and time again that people buy from people they like, people they connect with, and people they trust.

With the advent of social media and internet sales, your clients don’t always meet you in person before purchasing your product.  Quite often they find you online, and they are making their decisions without ever seeing you face to face.  Which begs the question, why would you ever use a less-than-professional image?

Putting your “best face forward” with a professionally photographed business headshot is just as important as having an easy to navigate website, a quality product, and good customer service. Your professional business image sets the tone for the client.

What makes a professional business headshot?

Well, it’s more than simply aiming the camera at your face.
There are five key elements for your overall appearance:

  • the clothes you wear
  • your expression
  • your body language
  • your brand
  • your target market.

You want to convey your personal and business brand with an image that will resonate with your target demographic.

Personal branding photo

What do you think she does for a living?
Answer below

For instance, if your target client is a soccer mom, you will want to dress differently than if you’re trying to appeal for a Fortune 500 business man/woman.  Additionally, if you have a good photographer that also understands marketing and branding, they will further pose and light you differently to enhance your message to your ideal client.

Factor in your brand colors, backgrounds, and expressions that let your genuine personality shine through, and you will now have a dynamic image that will stand out from the crowd, will resonate with your potential client, and will be remembered!

What message do the images on the right convey? Answers are below:

Lady in Blue, seated

This business woman is professional, engaged with her client, and is ready to do business. Her expression conveys that she is approachable, friendly, and would be easy to work with.

Man in Suit, seated

This image screams professional business man. It’s not a stuffy, lack-luster head-and-shoulders headshot. Rather, it shows a man who is competent and very “game on”. If he’s your attorney, you KNOW he’ll win your case. If he’s handling your money, you know you’ll get a nice return on your investment. His expression shows that he takes his job seriously, and he’ll get the job done!

 Lady in Beige, standing

This woman is a fashion consultant. Her image reflects a fashion edge, and shows off her clothing. She’s elegant, and feminine. Her features are soft, friendly, and easy-going. Her pose, clothing, and expression will appeal to other women – her potential clients. She is “put-together” and her image demonstrates that she is knowledgeable in her field, yet someone you may like to have a glass of wine with while discussing clothing.

Many thanks to Stefanie Blue – read more about her on our “Expert Contributors” page

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