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LinkedIn Etiquette for B2B Marketing

20 Quick Tips for Using LinkedIn Right — 

Wow, this has been a busy two weeks of hard work! That means that I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on LinkedIn. So I disappear for a week or so and then go back — how about you?  I like catching up and getting new ideas, and it’s really fun to hear from friends that I have met through past businesses. On the other hand, Linkedin is marketing work that must be done.

Every now and then I write a blog post that I think one LinkedIn group or another might enjoy, but I have learned to be careful about posting it since it does seem self-serving (even though I don’t have any ads or anything). So when I came across this instagram, I thought you might like to brush up on your LinkedIn Etiquette as I am:

Thanks to Top Dogs Social Media!

I love the new way that LinkedIn is displaying group interaction – really helpful! You’ll be seeing me more on LinkedIn now that I have finished a big client report….and since some of my franchise clients find me on LinkedIn, I better get back and get active! See you there?

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