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Does Your Marketing Meet the 6 Basic Human Needs?

Tony Robbins, well-known life coach and author, narrowed down our emotional needs to 6 categories that he called our “6 Basic Human Needs.” If your marketing can fulfill these needs, you’ll have a winning marketing campaign, so here goes:

Basic Need #1: Certainty. (avoiding pain and gaining pleasure)

basic needs - trust

Your customers need to trust you

Your customers need to know that they’re going to be happy with their purchase. Have you ever had pain when you bought something? Feelings of being ripped off, not getting what you thought you were going to get, finding out that you paid too much, or feeling let down because it didn’t make you feel as good as you thought it would? So here’s how to fulfill this need for TRUST:
1. State clearly what your product or service is
2. State your price and why it is more than fair
3. Use testimonials from people who state exactly what they got that made them happy (Click here to find out how to get dynamite testimonials.)
4. Offer a money-back guarantee – this takes away the doubts about making a decision.
5. Answer every bad review promptly. Thoroughly satisfy your customer and make sure the world knows it.

Basic Need #2: Uncertainty. (our need for variety and change)

meeting basic needsLife would be so boring if every day were just the same. We crave change – we even fall in love with the word “change,” and one of the best marketing words ever is: “NEW!” Here’s how to fulfill your customer’s need:
1. Watch current trends and upgrade your product/service and the words you use to explain it at least EVERY 6 MONTHS or more often. Then add those new ideas and words to your web and materials: “New! Change your look to the 2015 model!” or whatever – you get my drift.
2. Offer new products or services on a regular basis. Repackage and update. Last month you offered a 1-month fitness package? This month offer a “Busy man’s shape up” package. In May offer a “Summer Teen Makeover” fitness package.

Basic Need #3: Significance. (we need to feel special and needed)

We need meaning in our lives. We want to be unique and valued.
1. Listen to your customers – answer their reviews and comments on your web and Yelp and tell them that you appreciate their feedback and will act on it.
2. Sing the praises of your customers – give awards for best somethingorother, highlight them and their words on your web, acknowledge that they are special customers on Facebook.

Basic Need #4: Love and Connection. (everyone wants to feel cared for)

Demonstrate to your customers that you care about them – it’s what turns a customer into a FAN.
1. This is why social media has taken off! Engage with your customer. These aren’t just buzz words – clients want meaningful dialogue from you – they need you to care what they are thinking and feeling.  Facebook and many other sites let you do this beautifully.
2. Send thank-you’s. A written note is powerful, an email is good, a little gift is lovely, a note on Facebook is great.
3. Establish a loyalty plan identifying your customer as a “member” or a priority guest with some little perks, and reward repeat purchases.

Basic Need #5: Growth. (expanding our knowledge and skills)

basic needs - growthI’ll bet you could ask every single friend you have what they would like to learn, and they would have a list. Use this basic need the way I did: educate people and they become your customers:
1. Offer free seminars on how to do something. Be sure it is aimed at your ideal customer demographics. Don’t make the mistake of being salesy because they’ll dislike you for it – give as much knowledge as you can. It sets you up as an expert with whom they have a personal relationship. Don’t stand in front like a teacher; sit down with your “class” and really engage with them and their questions. Chances are they’ll see that it would be easier to hire you than do it themselves. How about “How to Select an Engagement Ring” of  “How to Find the Right Franchise” or “How to Get the Most Workout in the Least Time.”
2. Offer free white papers on your subjects. Many companies do this on the web, and it gets them a lot of attention. I wouldn’t have known about Hubspot or Marketo, and they have taught me so much as well as gotten my attention on the services they provide.

Basic Need #6: Contribution. (a sense of service and helping others)

Most people feel an obligation to try to “give back” but we’re all so busy that it doesn’t always happen. You can make it easy for them.
1. This is the reason to use cause marketing….BUT do it right, or don’t bother. (Click here for how to use cause marketing.)
2. Ask your employees and customers for their ideas and innovations – it’s all part of engaging.

Hit all six of these basic needs in every marketing campaign – you can do it!
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Thanks to Bryan Kramer, CEO of PureMatter, for the idea for this post —
he wrote it a whole different way but  his is interesting, too!

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