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Your 2015 Marketing Checklist

Is Your 2015 Marketing Plan Ready? Here’s HUGE Help!

Marketing Plan for New YearThis FREE Marketing Checklist itemizes the important advertising research, elements, methods, and venues that are available to you — have you considered them all?

Sometimes during the holidays there are odd snippets of time. Time to think about adding something new to your search for more and better customers. You can download this FREE marketing checklist and set up a new, improved plan so you’ll keep growing and prospering.

For WORD format and easy editing, download it from the right side of this blog, or you can just copy it from below.  (I promise, I will keep your email address within AdHelper and never, ever sell it.)


AdHelper  2015 Marketing Checklist

Marketing MethodDate InitiatedDate Completed
Customer Demographics – age, income, gender, $ spent, frequency of purchases, average purchase, most popular items, etc.  (Free demographic checklist available on this site)  (download free demographics survey/checklist from this blog)
Customer Persona – name, age, income, gender, avg. purchase,frequency of shopping, photo, story
Branding – emotions our brand satisfies, how to convey them
Image Development
Graphics/Fonts and Colors
Interior Design for Sites and/or Office
Business Cards/Stationery Design
Tradeshow booth – if applicable
Main website using correct branding, plus a template for each location – if applicable
Blog – new content required  at least once a month
Customer Database
Keep up with data entry and updating, segmenting, Train employees on why it is so important to keep it current
Marketing Plans
Email Marketing Program and Plan
Grand Opening Marketing Plan
First Year Marketing Plan
Annual Marketing Plan
Social Media
Set goals on where and when to participate
Facebook Company Page – content, contests, freebies
Twitter Account – who posts, how often
Google+ Company Page – content, contests, freebies
LinkedIn Business Page – determine which groups to join
Pinterest – others ?
Writing Content – Who, Why, When, and How
Advertising Graphics
Postcard Mailers
Ad templates for Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines
Gift Cards
Get good company stock photos taken for media use
Outdoors Options – Billboards, Transit Ads, etc.
Corporate account with Val-Pak, Groupon, etc
Public Relations
Template for Press Releases
Grand Opening Press Release Template
Photos and Pre-Written Stories for Local Use
Centralized Media Buying – Who, How
Sales Training via Video
Ancillary Materials – Handouts, Business Cards, Apps
Web-based Sales Tracking System (CMS)
Referral Plan
Tradeshow Plan
Gift Card Sales Plan
Loyalty Program
Cause Marketing
Company-Wide Selection of Cause, or Local Choice?
Cause Marketing Plan Template
Speaking and Seminars
PowerPoint Presentation(s)
Training for Employees  – Practice and Role Playing
National and Local Association Affiliations Identified and Joined
Training for Employees to Network – Elevator speech, Role Playing

©Cheri Carroll for AdHelper.biz   http://AdHelper.biz   OK to use this list; please give credit & link.

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