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This blog is written to help entrepreneurs and businesses keep up with the changes in marketing and the nuances of setting up a marketing plan and executing it.  Here are some terrific articles to help you:

All About Marketing

Do-It-Yourself Marketing – 5 reasons Not To

Do-It-Yourself Marketing – 5 MUST KNOW’s

Do-It-Yourself Marketing — Your TO-DO List

10 Avoidable Marketing Mistakes

Collaboration Marketing

Your Marketing Needs a SWOT today!

Your Email Marketing List – Your #1 Marketing Method

How to write testimonials that really work

Could Cause Marketing help your business?

Has your marketing had a good SWOT lately?

The bare necessities for startup advertising graphics

How to Set Up Text Message Marketing


12 Top Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Social Media

Do You Need a Website When You Have Social Media?

Help with Yelp – Yelp FAQ’s

 Will your social media marketing strategy work for you – an infographic

What the heck does a social media expert do?

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost

13 Tips for social behavior so you play nice

Is Tweeting Silly? How to Tweet

The Perfect Facebook Post

Infographic – Will Your Social Media Marketing Work for You?

Why and how to use hashtags

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