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Use This OTHER Big Mobile Marketing App

Mobile Marketing Apps to Help You Grow FAST – Groupon!   

mobile marketing app on phoneI’m still making my pitch to get you going with mobile! In my previous post I gave you some amazing numbers on how much mobile marketing apps are capturing all of us, and I explained how Foursquare works. Today we’re talking about the other mega-huge mobile app: Groupon.

You’re familiar with the desktop version of Groupon, but now we’re talking about the mobile version for phones or tablets that can give local deals that are tailored to the phone’s location. More than 500,000 companies have used Groupon to find more customers, and over 60 million people have downloaded the mobile app!

Mobile marketing is becoming so popular that 9 out of 10 of the top retailers have special mobile sites for marketing. But you don’t have to go to all that trouble to build your own mobile marketing app…even without a huge budget, Groupon can deliver immediate customers to you – good for finding new clients and for filling up your off-times. (And if you actually have a good ad budget, you can combine your mobile marketing with television – Groupon says that purchasing intent goes up 72% when you do.)

Look at the numbers: Groupon says that their customers are generally young, educated, and affluent:
• 67% earn more than $50K annually
• 66% are female
• 80% have a college degree
• 30% have a graduate degree
• 67% are between 18-45

Groupon says it has the world’s largest local marketplace, with 43.5 million active customers! Don’t you want some of them?

They also have some very impressive information on the deals that you’ll be offering:
• 82% of customers would NOT have gone to the merchant if not for the Groupon deal
• 76% of customers spend beyond the value of the deal
• 91% of customers plan to return to the Groupon merchant in the near future
• 81% of customers have referred someone else to the business

One of my franchising clients uses Groupon exclusively to get people to try her gym – and she uses no other marketing at all! When do you need clients? How about using a Groupon deal for your slow days – maybe Monday or Tuesday mornings?


Groupon tries to make it easy: “Tell us how many customers you need, and we’ll create an email, online, and mobile marketing campaign that meets your goals.”

Since you and I both know that nothing is as easy as they like to tell us, they have actual live people to give you some help on your first deal.

You can watch how your deal is doing on your “Merchant Center,” and they give you customer information like age, gender, and spending statistics as well as direct customer feedback. (also your payment history and upcoming payments).

groupon table

I could go on and on, but instead, I have two videos for you – one gives you exact instructions on how to use the Groupon mobile app, and the other is an Ellen DeGeneres spoof of Groupon – just for fun!

Ellen DeGeneres:

Good instructions on exactly how to use the mobile app:

Remember, you can make your own mobile app for your website and send items to your own customer database. OR you can use ready-made mobile marketing apps that hook you into their huge network of users. OR why not both?

Thanks so much for reading — won’t you please share the Groupon deals with a friend? 

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