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Oh-Oh, What’s NOT Working?

Get Something Else Going NOW!

Writing content faithfully? Tweeting 15 times a day? Paying for facebook likes? Sales falling off?

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Take a look at this Statista chart:

Infographic: Twitter's User Growth Is Tapering Off Alarmingly Quickly | Statista

How about this:

Content is NOT King:  There are 940,000,000 discussions in my Google search on content NOT working as well any more.

A major trend. If you have moved away from traditional forms of advertising and have put all your eggs in the social media basket, time to check out other baskets again.


direct mail advertising media

Postcards get the most attention

How long has it been since you’ve mailed a postcard? People are getting fewer pieces of mail, which means more attention to your message. And if they don’t use it immediately, people keep post cards around on the counter or desk, keeping your name in front of them until they can give you a call. Here’s a great article on how to do a postcard mailing.


Ads in magazines are doing better even if the readership is down – it just means that the people who receive the mags are being more selective and are more committed to reading them. The trick is to pick the right magazine, and you can do that by asking your clients what they’re reading these days.

People who subscribe to a magazine, especially a special interest magazine like “Runner’s World” or “San Diego Magazine” will actually read the mag (as opposed to freebies that usually hit the recycle bin). To find out just how many people you would reach, magazines have to print out their “Statement Of Ownership, Management and Circulation” annually.  Just look at the number of subscriptions – forget all the other stuff – and see if they are hitting enough people to justify the costs. Then check for all their deals: “First time advertiser” is usually a great rate.


If your customers are over 35, you have a good chance of reaching them with the city newspaper, but you have a great chance of reaching them with a local paper no matter what their age.

The whole point of this quick post is this: when everyone goes in one direction like ducks,

BE DIFFERENT! To get attention, do what other people aren’t doing. NOW.


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