How to Set Up Your Text Messaging Marketing Program

text messaging marketing
Your Customers are Mobile – So Use Text Messaging! Text messaging is fast, productive, and cheap. AND it reaches your customers where they are now: on their mobile phones. AND it’s not that hard to do! Text messages have a 97% read rate and an average 10% response with many campaigns reaching 40%-50% or higher. Right now, half your clients… Read More..
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6 Types of Images That Grab Attention – Infographic

cloud - tornado
6 Image Types for Engaging Your Customer Money catches my attention… I’m always looking for good photos that don’t cost much because perhaps you’ve noticed — this site doesn’t have any ads. Which means NO BUCKS. So if I crack for a photo, I’d sure like to know it’s going to catch your attention. And journalist Benjamin Kabin, while searching… Read More..
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Network and Build Your Email List the Easy Way

Build your email list ipad
— Build Your Email List – Easy…With These Instructions Sorry, this is just a screenshot –you can’t get a cup of coffee by signing on here. You already know that one of the most effective marketing tools you have is your email list. The names on it are people who have expressed interest in your business and your present customers.… Read More..
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Yoast SEO Cheatsheet – Print this out

Yoast SEO Author
Yoast SEO Simplified Joost de Valk If you’re wondering why there’s an article on an SEO plugin in a marketing blog, it’s because blogging has become such an integral part of a business website that either you’re already blogging or you’re thinking about it. And there’s no point in spending untold hours writing a blog or maintaining a website if… Read More..
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TO-DO List for Do-It-Yourself Marketing

— Print Out This Do-It-Yourself Marketing TO-DO Checklist I hate it when bloggers write lists of 10,000 items to do – there are just too many, and what are we supposed to do with them? Copy them all down in notebooks?  This is the third in a series on Do-It-Yourself Marketing. To read the first post on 5 Reasons Why… Read More..
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5 Top MUST-KNOW Items for Do-It-Yourself Marketing

USP for Do-It-Yourself marketing
— Do-It-Yourself Marketing – Your 5 Top MUST KNOW Items Since this marketing blog is aimed at entrepreneurs and businesspeople, I’m going to assume that many of us, including me, use the Do-It-Yourself marketing method. Maybe you use the D-I-Y method because it’s fun and you love marketing, but maybe you use it because it’s cheap and you’re trying to… Read More..
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Who Reads This Blog?

KandT in goofy costumes
This Blog Is About You Karma hanging in there at Burning Man I’ve hit the 8-month mark on writing this blog, and I want to thank YOU, my subscribers who have joined me.  You are now one of hundreds of people who have subscribed – can you believe it? And what is even more surprising is that you aren’t all… Read More..
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Why & How to Use Hashtags

You Need to Use Hashtags! On a LinkedIn discussion last week started by Paul Guzman, I got some really good information about something I didn’t think I needed, but now I do! I thought I’d better share so you can use these hashtags too.  Here is the info from the LinkedIn contributors:From Brandon Schaefer, CEO at What’s the… Read More..
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Yelp FAQ’s

Help with Yelp – Yelp FAQ’s Have you ever posted a review on Yelp? I have posted 8 of them, 7 of which were 5-star because I loved the places, and 1 was an expose of a scam. I had no idea that I was being watched and being rated myself! Last month a friend had a horrible review posted… Read More..
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Dealing with Difficult People

difficult person
Turn Your Difficult People into Fans! Do you have to deal with unhappy, complaining people? Who doesn’t?  And sometimes maybe you are one of those difficult people — have you ever called a company to complain, navigated through their extensive phone tree, only to either be cut off or put on hold until you gave up?  Argh@!+!**?/!!  Toooo bad for… Read More..
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Web Words That You MUST Know – A Glossary

–Web Words You’ll Need to Know If you have a website, you have heard these words…but did you know exactly what they mean?      I didn’t….and thank goodness I now know how to pronounce “meme”.  (see below)   Hubspot does a great job of giving us important information, and when I saw this list of techie words, written by Alec Biedrzycki, I … Read More..
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Blogging Tips for Fun, Fame or Fortune

Blogging about burning man
Blogging  – Isn’t it time you started? Maybe your blog will be about Burning Man activities…or crazy friends? Are you considering starting a blog? Maybe to record your travel adventures (or maybe your wild week at Burning Man), the book reviews that your book club writes…or maybe you’re being pushed to start a blog for your company website? How about… Read More..
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Just for Fun – Best Video Ads I’ve Seen Lately

The Cloud
Best Video Ads I’ve Seen Lately A group of us from the LinkedIn group  called Ad Pros have been talking about really great ads and how to give them the recognition they deserve, and we’re working on how we might do that.  In the meantime, these are ad videos that I have watched all the way through and remembered.  In… Read More..
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10 Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency

online marketing agency meeting
Ten Impartial Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency (from a Partial Observer) If you’re in business, you probably have considered whether you need to hire an online marketing agency, but it’s such a new area of expertise – how do you know if you’ll be getting an agency who can really push you to the top of your industry… Read More..
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How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

money in bag
— Facebook Advertising Cost: Maximum and Minimum Spends I have found some really good posts on advertising costs, and since any one of us in business at some point has considered advertising on Facebook (or we’re getting ready to think about it), I thought you’d appreciate this article by Marc Prosser of Fit Small Business.  Here are two acronyms you… Read More..
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To All Ad Agencies – a MUST READ on Pitching

Can service providers gain profitable new business without pitching? World-renown expert Jorg Borgwardt of Relationship Audits and Management specifically sent this to Adhelper to share with you. Read more about Jorg under “Expert Contributors” and now, here’s Jorg:High pitching costs often far exceed potential profits from a new client in year one. Today, clients ask more companies to present… Read More..
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10 Avoidable Marketing Mistakes

Hi everyone – This article on marketing mistakes that you could easily correct or avoid is by Cyndie Shaffstall, and it is well worth your time! You can read more about Cyndie at the end of her article: 10 Avoidable Marketing Mistakes Many entrepreneurs are responsible in whole or in part for their company’s marketing — and in many cases… Read More..
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