4 Ways to Ace Client Communication

Communicattion is like tennis
Dr. Sandra Folk  of The Language Lab joins us again with her timely communication approach to hitting the ball in court every time! Many thanks to Sandra for this on-target advice: I love tennis!  And every time there’s a major tennis tournament, like the upcoming US Open, I stayed glued to the TV screen watching the tennis greats.  What makes… Read More..
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Blog Layout Guide – Tips to Make Blogs Work

Your Blog Layout Is Super Important Guest blogger Lauren Hong is the owner of Out & About Communications, a branding and graphic design company in San Diego. She has studied internationally to hone her skills, and you’ll enjoy hearing her suggestions — she wrote this post on designing your blog layout especially for Adhelper. Here’s Lauren: Do you blog or… Read More..
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Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

cloud cropped
This article is an update to Chris Green’s popular article ‘THE CLOUD – EVERYTHING You Need to Know – I Mean EVERYTHING!‘  After the article was posted, quite a few questions were asked about users’ issues and concerns with cloud computing; in particular, questions regarding web accessibility and the difference between the cloud 1.0 and 2.0, so here are Chris… Read More..
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How to Write Great Testimonials

Writing Testimonials that Really WORK for You! Our guest blogger today is Amy Brucker, a lifework healer & guide who really understands how testimonials can be powerful forces for your business, or just space wasters taking up room. If you don’t have testimonials on your web and printed materials, you are missing the psychological advantage that committed customers can bring… Read More..
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3 Types of Advertising That Do NOT Work

bad marketing
Don’t Use These Types of Advertising! I have such fun reading other people’s blogs, and often I find content that I would like to share, but this one is SO true that I absolutely must share! We have all used these types of advertising and have regretted it immediately.  Heidi Cohen is a marketing expert, and her blog has some… Read More..
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7 Tips on Asking the RIGHT Questions

Ask Good Questions: You’ll Get the Answers You Want Guest blog writer Sandra Folk has shared this post especially with Adhelper because I thought it was so important to our marketing efforts.  Having been in sales most of my life, the biggest mistake I see salespeople making is talking too much (I’m guilty, too.).  A great salesperson asks the right… Read More..
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Cause Marketing – What’s In It for YOU?

money tree
Could Cause Marketing Help Your Business? Have you bought something because you believed in the cause it was supporting? If so, join the 47% of consumers that have bought a brand at least monthly that supports a cause. Over the years, we have increased spending with brands that support worthy charities:39 percent increase in “would recommend” cause-related brands 34… Read More..
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Blogging – A Simple Explanation of Why You Need To

money in bag
— BLOGGING For Beginners The #1 piece of advice from practically every social media marketing expert is this:  Get started BLOGGING. “Blog” is short for “web log”. It is like a personal journal on the internet. It is a commentary that reflects the views from a real person rather than from a company, and if the blog is for a… Read More..
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Psssst! Wanna Buy Some SEO?

– SEO – Can You Buy Your Way to the Top? After so many years of owning websites, everyone knows that for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, you need to stress your keywords and write some new content every so often. But then people started getting more competitive, and that’s how the biggest search of all started: how… Read More..
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Will Your Social Media Marketing Work for You?

web designer, social media expert
– Will Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Work? Web designer/developer Chris Green from Design Web Studio joins us again with a terrific infographic about your social media marketing strategy.  Here’s Chris: Chris Green,Guest Blogger After I recently submitted my latest online marketing strategy to a client, I was asked, and I will quote, “That all looks fantastic, but where exactly… Read More..
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When and How Should You Hire an Ad Agency?

Need an advertising agency
– 9 Tipoffs That Should You Hire an Ad Agency Do your incoming calls look like a mountain range? Are you in that “feast or famine” mode of small businesses?  When you’re marketing you’re not working and making money, and when you’re working, you’re not marketing? So your incoming customer calls look like a mountain range – up and down?… Read More..
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12 Tips for Being (or Hiring) a Great Sales Manager

Sales Manager lecturing team
– Want to Be (or Hire) a Great Sales Manager? Many of the business owners I visited with at a SCORE CEO Forum recently were looking for advice on how to hire a sales manager or manage their own sales departments.  I just came across this article in Inc. by Geoffrey James, an excellent business writer, where he gives his… Read More..
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Your Marketing Needs a SWOT Today!

SWOT Strengths
– Have You Had a SWOT Lately? How long has it been since you have done a SWOT analysis for yourself – your personal brand – or your company? Have you been reserving it as a once-every-couple-of-years exercise? When I go to a company to assess their readiness to franchise, the first analysis that I do is a SWOT.  It’s… Read More..
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Was Your Direct Mail Campaign a Success?

direct mail recycled
Did your direct mail campaign work…or not? Oooh Noooooo! This isn’t where you want it to end up (This is the third post in a 3-part series on how to make direct mail work for you.To read the first 2 posts, click here) There are several “myths” about direct mail that can be very misleading.  InfoUSA gives us these myth-breakers:  … Read More..
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Top 5 Tips on How to Destroy Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand Expert Katy
How to Destroy Your Personal Brand Welcome to guest blogger, attorney, personal brand expert and consultant Katy Goshtasbi! She tells us how you can wreck everything you’re working to achieve: Katy Goshtasbi,Personal Brand Expert People buy your uniqueness — your special personal brand —  before they will ever buy a product or service from you. That means they have to… Read More..
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Your Great 3-Step Direct Mail Program

direct mail
3 Steps to Make Your Direct Mail WORK for You (This is the second in a 3-part series on direct mail.  CLICK HERE to read the first part first.) Step 1 — Mail something that they’ll look at       Postcards get the most attention It used to be that people had time to open envelopes and read letters, but unopened envelopes… Read More..
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Website Design – How to Get Exactly What You Want

website design planning
The Perfect Website Design Process  If you are planning to start a website or do a redesign of your current site, Chris Green of Design Web Studio sheds light from his experience to help you – the client – get what you want.  This is the complete website design process, and you may want to bookmark this if you know… Read More..
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More Techie Words Explained So You Get Them

You Need to Know These Techie Words! Several times over the past few months I have brought you some of those words that everyone uses, but that we don’t really totally “get.” It can be such a relief to finally understand! So here are some words that you can use that will make you feel so comfortable that people will… Read More..
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