Direct Mail Is Working Better Thanks to Social Media

Your Direct Mail Is Finally Unique! With all the excitement and time spent on social media, aren’t you finding that the piles of “junk mail” (aka “direct mail”) that used to flood your home are decreasing? I certainly pay more attention to the pieces that I get than I used to, especially if they look “right” to me. There are… Read More..
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Small Business Has Problems with Social Media

Money flying away
Social Media ROI Not So Hot for Small Businesses Manta, a fast-growing site that promotes small businesses, Manta’s Small Business Social Media Survey recently came out with a survey on how small businesses are doing with their social media efforts. Also last month, both Forbes and USAToday ran stories based on that survey. The Forbes piece was titled, “Why Small… Read More..
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13 Social Media Rules of Behavior so You Play Nice

Bizpig rule of social media
You’ve heard me talk about the Social Media Marketing World Conference that I attended a while back, and a whole lot of ideas came out of that 1100-people, first-of-its-kind meeting, and there was a lot of talk about what social media rules and proper social media behavior should be. Patricia Redsicker shares “The Rules” with us There are certain “truths”… Read More..
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11 Ways on How to Make Money from Your Blog

blog making money
How to Make Money from Your Blog: 11 Powerful Ways with Examples I have been following Jeff Bullas and his blog since the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego, and he always covers interesting subjects.  This one is so important, especially to businesses that are trying to learn the new ways of marketing and keep up with their… Read More..
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Elevator Speech Vs. Storytelling – Make Yourself Memorable

cat photo
Elevator Speech Vs. Storytelling – Make Yourself Memorable Several years ago I met three fascinating women – the Stiletto Speakers –  who agreed to come and talk to our SCORE women’s networking breakfast.  I thought they were going to talk about “The 17 Second Elevator Speech” kind of thing, but instead, they told a different tale…. Recounting the tales of… Read More..
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Do You Need a Website When You Have Social Media?

Website or Social Media? In several of my posts over the next few weeks I will be talking about how to market your business online, from the role of a business website to the marketing tools and sites that will help you build your reputation and competitiveness (like facebook business pages – scroll down to see that post). Chris Green,… Read More..
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The Perfect Facebook Post

The Perfect Facebook Post for Business Facebook has been around for 9 years, and 1.06 BILLION people read facebook every day!  It’s here to stay, and besides just reading it, 76% of the people who use it say they feel good when they are using social media – it is connecting us in a generally positive way. So of course… Read More..
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8 Steps to Create Your Personal Branding

Adhelper Bizpig
(I had some fun writing this blog as my alter-ego, Adhelper Bizpig, because A. Bizpig does have quite a different personal brand…) Many of you who are reading my blog are entrepreneurs, and that means that YOU are your brand.  Whether you are just getting started or are already on your way, be sure you are covering these 8 steps… Read More..
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Clever Ads – You’ll Smile…and Think!

Clever Ads Are IN!  The web gives you millions of potential viewers, but only if your ads can be a whole lot more entertaining than most.  What could you do to make your ads a little edgier……a little more from the far side…..well, okay — weirder??   How about this great ad — I have watched it at least 3 times: … Read More..
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Your Email Marketing List – Your #1 Method

Anatomy-of-a-Five-Star-Email-hubspot-photo copy
Your email marketing list is still the key to your most effective marketing.   An email list that is aimed at the correct demographics for your business is the most powerful marketing method you can develop. I attended a class last week, and it was full of marketing people, all of whom were marketing their particular marketing channels like CRAZY!     However,… Read More..
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Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Small Business

How's this for unique branding? Here I am in Hawaii, communing with nature while writing my blog.
Top 12 Marketing Strategies for Your Business Alex Milford gives us 10 top marketing strategies I just love some of the interesting discussions on LinkedIn, and here is one that really belongs in this blog for all of us who get involved in doing our own or our company’s marketing.  It was part of a marketing strategies discussion started by … Read More..
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Do You Tweet? Here are the basics…

How (and why) to Tweet  If you think (like I have been thinking) that Twitter’s tweeting is a fun but kind of silly exercise meant for someone else but not you for business, then I found out at the social media conference last week that we may have to consider changing our tunes.  DARN.  Like we don’t have enough to… Read More..
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Networking – 12 Tips to Be GREAT at It!

The 12 Commandments for Networking Networking can be done anywhere! The word “networking” brings forth visions of fast-talking salespeople scrambling to talk to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.  That is networking at its worst – the video at the end of this post will make you laugh….but cringe. Actually, networking is the most effective,… Read More..
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How to Make Your Business Card or Sign BETTER

business card backs
5 important tips for your business cards (Scroll on down for info on signs) Has this happened to you?  Several days ago I took out a pile of business cards that I have collected at various networking events.  I had only taken cards from the people that I seriously thought I might like to contact, and I wanted to tell… Read More..
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