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Personal Branding – When YOU Are Your Brand

Personal branding is for consultants, attorneys, artists, coaches, CPAs, or other professionals offering your services where YOU are your brand.  What you say and do establishes how your customers feels about you.  Katy Goshtasbi, a personal branding consultant, tells us how she helps people to build their personal brand:

Building Your Personal Brand

Clients and the general public often ask me, “What is personal branding?”  When I first came up with the term, “personal branding” years ago, it was not a commonly used word.  Now it seems lots of people are using this phrase and there is more focus on it.  I attribute this to the fact that the economy has forced people to examine themselves, both in terms of their personal and work lives.  That’s a good thing – always.  However, it seems the term “personal branding” is still as foreign and confusing to people as is the substance behind the term.

Katy Teaching Personal Branding

Katy Teaching Personal Branding to Attorneys

Simply put, personal branding is what people say about you behind your back.  What do people remember about you when you are not there? This is why I always harp on finding a way to be memorable and stand out of the crowd.  The reason this is so important is because people buy our uniqueness before they ever buy a product or service from us.

Recall the last time someone stood out in your mind.  Odds are, it had absolutely nothing to do with their substantive work or product.  Statistics show that 75% of everything we buy (including people’s services) are based on how we feel about them, not what they are selling us.  The more joy I can bring you as an individual, the more likely you are to remember me and do business with me.  It’s as simple as that, but it’s also as hard as that.

At the heart of personal branding work is building self-confidence so you shine internally and externally, leave a great first impression and thus, a great personal brand. Everyone has some sort of self-confidence issue, whether you are a CEO or a stay-at-home mom.  It just manifests differently for us all – we have found an inverse correlation between stress and self-confidence.  The higher your self-confidence, the lower your stress and the more solid and strong your personal brand – and business brand.

Personal branding is for professionals

Personal branding is for professionals

The personal branding process involves:
a) discovering your uniqueness,
b) communicating this uniqueness to your audience and target market and
c) then managing your brand perception.

So the work we do with our personal branding clients is to assist clients to be in control, with integrity and genuineness, of the personal brand they project and leave behind…for clients and prospective clients. This process serves to monetize your brand!

Building a personal brand involves some or all of the following work:

Elements of Developing Your Personal Brand

  • Natural talent analysis and development

  • Development of unique selling propositions and personal connection stories

  • Refining appearance and wardrobe

  • Developing how to gauge what your clientele and prospects need from your personal brand via surveys, etc.

  • Public presentation/speaking development

  • Networking skills development

  • Interview skills, effective resumes and strategies for having a personal brand to get that new job

  • Left and right brained behavior assessment

  • Defense litigation image consulting

Katy GoshtasbiKaty Goshtasbi (Cat-ty Gosh-tas’-bee) is an expert at personal branding and the owner and president of Puris Image, where she consults for business owners, law firms and individuals. Katy shows clients how building a successful personal brand can help increase revenue, productivity and motivate employees.  She has been blessed with an eye for the creative process around building a successful personal brand and presence in her own career and for businesses and individuals. In her “other” career, Katy is president/CEO of KG Consulting Group, Inc where she has been a practicing securities attorney for thirteen years.  Contact Katy at 949.274.6423 or katy@purisimage.com, or purisimage.com

Thanks so much to Katy for sharing her expertise.  This is the fourth in my 4-part series on branding — to see the other articles, including the best video ever made on branding, click on the “Branding” category on the box to the right, or scroll on down.  Katy has wine and cheese events to help you with personal branding – click here to get info on these fun events.

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