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Psssst! Wanna Buy Some SEO?

– SEO – Can You Buy Your Way to the Top?

After so many years of owning websites, everyone knows that for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, you need to stress your keywords and write some new content every so often. But then people started getting more competitive, and that’s how the biggest search of all started: how can we beat the search engines and get to the top of the first Google search page in the fastest possible way?Buy your SEO

I know – let’s just buy it! We’ll find the best SEO company, and we’ll pay them a bunch of money. Let’s find a list of the top 10 companies and pick one…

It doesn’t work that way. Michael Harbron of SEOhaus says this:  ‘Top SEO Company’ evaluation websites pop up over time.  Websites that claim to offer in-depth knowledge of SEO firms across the nation and indeed the globe, through legitimate evaluations.  You may have even come across them.  I was approached by one of these firms about a year ago.  They called offering a space on their list.  I was intrigued as to how the metric system worked.  Would they analyze our efforts, our marketing techniques and perhaps look at our own backlink structure and popularity?  I received a contract claiming all of this would be done.  At the bottom of the contract?  The cost – $5,000 per month to be exact.  A sizeable chunk from my monthly marketing budget and not to be sniffed at.  I would be exposed to quite a few thousand specific searches every month too, so the exposure was worthwhile.

A week after signature, SEOhaus was ranked no. 9 of all the SEO companies out there.  Interesting as I consider our company higher.  I inquired as to how they came to this position and if they could send me the research.

It never arrived.  It never actually happened.  A month later, I received a call from my sales exec, who was also one of the owners.  I was let in on the business model a little more.  The more you pay, the higher you score.  Position 1 held a handsome sum of $10,000 per month.  I asked the question ‘So, there isn’t a score factor you put into place, it’s simply, the more I pay, the higher I can get?’

‘Yep’ – he replied.  So I withdrew our listing.”

Okay, so you can’t count on finding the top company. And reputable companies are going to tell you that it’s going to take some work over a period of time… and, if you try to beat Google, you better know this:  Search engines change their algorithm and update their index on what seems like a monthly basis. Some updates are so big they affect 2% of all the search results and some so subtle, no one even notices.  –James Harrison of SEOhaus

So maybe we should forget trying to buy the best company and the best rating.  What we need is a list of the best SEO tips that will help us right NOW (see list below, written by Cognito),and then we’ll find a company who will be honest and tell us the truth: it’s going to take time and work.  

The best advice?  Just build your site and update it often, keeping in mind what your clients want from you. You really don’t needs billions of people coming to you – you just need people who value what you have to say and will share your info. Content, a great call to action, a blog, and optimized photos and videos should do it for you!

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