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Who Reads This Blog?

This Blog Is About You

Karma helping me blog

Karma hanging in there at Burning Man

I’ve hit the 8-month mark on writing this blog, and I want to thank YOU, my subscribers who have joined me.  You are now one of hundreds of people who have subscribed – can you believe it? And what is even more surprising is that you aren’t all family members! I appreciate your help so much, and this blog post is about you.

The first person who subscribed was Karma, my son’s very beautiful and talented companion, and she is still hanging in there with both of us. Thank goodness for her and my nice family who got me going — Ken, Alan, Steve, Nick, Chris, Tess, Trudy, Cindy, and Ariel who contributed her cute kitty photos. Trudy, a VP of a large corporation, even wrote an excellent post on branding that people are still coming to the blog to read.

I started this blog with the idea of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses fill in some holes in their marketing knowledge, and some of my early readers were the wonderful SCORE volunteers that contribute their time to help businesses get up and running – Arnie, Cecelia, Kathe, Pat, Larry, Lisa, and many more from other parts of the US that I “met” through the SCORE LinkedIn discussions. Then came help from friends –Yann Ni, a harpist in Ohio; Margot, Kevin, and Sue from San Diego; Steven Philips in Australia, plus many other really great people that I have met while networking at the SCORE events and classes.

Reader Howard Ouellette contributes the equivalent of a "cute kitten" picture.

Blog reader Howard Ouellette contributes the equivalent of a “cute kitten” picture — it’s Oinkrs, and he drew it for his daughter.

I was nervous about blogging as myself, so I originally began as AdHelper Bizpig. I know, it’s strange to be a pig, but I still enjoy being A. Bizpig – definitely my alter ego. You can see photos of AdHelper Bizpig here. And Howard – one of the early readers and an owner/graphic designer of Number11design.com – sent an original drawing of a pig to show his support.

Then some of my SCORE clients signed up, too – Lionel, a Merchant Marine who keeps in touch from Thailand (or wherever – it changes all the time); the darling Brooke, an acting coach; and the artistic Christiane, a landscape designer who just won a prize for her excellent work; Evencia and Dave who are both building businesses; Sue with her homemade jams, and many others.

Chris Green, a web designer from Design Web Studio in England, has contributed three huge and important articles, and I still get people coming to the blog every day to read his posts about The Cloud. He also wrote an excellent post on the process of getting the perfect web design.

web designer, social media expert, blog writer

Chris Green, Cloud Expert

Then I started asking friends who had expertise in some form of marketing to please contribute an article to share with others, and Ed, a graphics designer, was first to help; then Adrienne, a writer/editor; Felena, the person who makes collaboration marketing look simple; The Stiletto Speakers – Melissa, Ann, and Gloria – to teach about elevator speeches; Stefanie, who demonstrated how to get a good photographic portrait; Katy, the personal branding expert who has contributed a series of articles that entrepreneurs need to think about; Dr.Sandra, an expert in communications; Lauren, a graphics expert writing about blog design; and Jorg Borgwardt of Vale International in Paris writing a sophisticated post about pitching with several more to be published soon.

Lionel helps my blog with cute kitty

Client and friend Lionel with his version
of a cute kitty photo.

My son Toby and his business partners Frank at Incrediflix and Louis and his fiancé Eileen have helped and encouraged me even though they didn’t like my piggy pink font at the start. I slowly gave up the bright pink because it was rather obnoxious….even though everyone was very nice about it. And Toby gently coerced some friends just recently, so thanks for joining!

I believe in all of us helping each other. If you’re a subscriber and want to contribute an article about some facet of marketing, please email me at adhelperbiz@gmail.com, or if you have questions or graphic contributions –  I love seeing your photos and hearing what you’re doing.

And last but not least, there’s Jerry, who recruited me to join SCORE 18 years ago, but has turned from business to poetry, and I’ll leave you with a poem from him. If you want to read more, find him by clicking here.

Maddy @ 70

Even with a favorable wind
And a life well lived
There is a hiccup that carries
A whiff of sadness at the passing years.

True, I have not written the Great American Novel
Or been elected to some extraordinary position.
Far more meaningful to me
Is the love of my family and some very special people.

Soon, in a matter of a few breaths,
I will record fifty years of marriage,
To a life partner, who has stood by me
Through golden and some base-metal moments.

My children have brought me
Tears, laughter, anxiety, but most emphatically joy.
Joy in their growth and their love,
Their craziness and their offsprings.

There were choices made over the years,
Perhaps more by good fortune
Than by grand plans,
That allow me to look about and smile broadly.

I’m far from finished,
And with luck,
I’ll see and feel
Life’s continuing panoply.

Jerry Greenspan

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  1. Kathe says:

    I can’t believe that it’s been 8 months! The time has flown by!

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