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Smartphone Mobile Marketing is NOW! Ride the wave –

Smartphone Mobile Marketing = $163 BILLION in business – Get your share!

For the last several months I’ve been harping about why all of us in business need to rethink our concepts about how we can use mobile technology to cash in on the instant access to customers that smartphones give us. (Click here to see how you can use the largest mobile marketing app.)
When writer Dean Olsen sent me this infographic I was blown away by the incredible numbers — the huge growth and the wild potential!…..(or, sadly, if we don’t hop aboard, the gaping holes in our businesses as other companies grab our customers). Check this out and hang in there to the bottom because it’s SO important to your future:

Dean Olsen is an enthusiastic writer who dedicates his time to researching topics on the progress of social media tactics, technology and international affairs, and he was generous to share this infographic with us. He is an online writer with a passion for global marketing and business communications. His writing also covers the process of globalization and virtual offices.  

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