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Social Media Marketing Hiring for Small Businesses

How to Hire Someone Elastic!

social media marketing salaries shows woman needing jobNeed help with your social media marketing?
How much are you going to have to pay? Since this blog is aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, chances are that you’re not looking for a Chief Digital Officer at $200K or a VP of Digital Marketing at $140K.

Lots of us have been outsourcing some of our social media needs, maybe hiring someone part time to handle some of it plus doing some of it ourselves. But with the snowballing power of digital marketing, we know we need to be doing more to tap into all those “free” social media marketing methods – email marketing, mobile marketing, facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and all the others.

In a small business, it’s hard to identify what skills would be the most valuable to our businesses – perhaps for you it’s a conglomeration of all the things either you and your current employees can’t do or don’t have time to do. Bringing a web designer on board may be prohibitive if you already have a great web and only need content creation or seasonal changes. Maybe you need some content writing but also need a graphics person?

Defining the tasks is part of your hiring process, and then you need to fit those tasks into the job title that best fits….like the ones below in the table, and below that there’s a list of questions you’ll want to ask your interviewees.

Mondo recruiters just came out with their annual report on social media marketing hiring salaries, and I read through the entire report. Here are the categories that are most frequently needed in small businesses, but my guess is that in your business you’ll want someone elastic – someone willing to tackle a lot of tasks with a willing spirit. Yes?

Social Media Marketing Salaries Table

your granny for social media marketing salaries

Match your social media marketing person to your ideal clients.     If if your clients are over 60, hire your gran!


Important thought: don’t just automatically hire a young person because they know social media. The person doing your social media marketing needs to be a lot like your ideal client or their work won’t engage and resonate with the clients you want. If you haven’t analyzed your sales statistics to determine your “ideal customer” demographics, please download my free survey to the right of this post to help you focus your marketing efforts.

How to identify the right person:

Elastic” is a great word for the type of people small businesses need to hire. We all need people who are willing to pitch in where needed and are not tied to their written job description. When you’re hiring, you’ll want to be sure they understand the dynamics of your company and are willing to grow and change with your needs. You’ll want to find out these things about anyone you’re considering:

  1. Do they have a website?  Did they design it? Are you impressed? Does the site work?
  2. Do they have a blog? Are they posting regularly and using graphics?
  3. Can they write good content? Clean and clear? Does it appeal to you (or to whomever it is aimed)? Shareable? Helpful?
  4. Have they set up plugins and widgets that work? Can you download something free? Do they have popups?
  5. Social Media Participation?  Are they all over the big ones — Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? Have they purchased ads and banners? Set up quizzes and contests?  Generated leads? Calculated costs?
  6. What else have they done for other companies? Be sure that they actually performed the work and can show you how they did it — not just worked at a company that had the work produced by a team.
  7. Check references. Always do this for anyone you hire. Ask exactly what their job title was and what they actually produced.
  8. Thanks for reading! And best of luck on finding the right person for you.

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