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Speed Up Your Site or Lose Your Readers

How to Speed Up Your Site — for Non-Techie People  –

I have been blogging for over a year, and for the last few months I have had a bunch of problems opening this site and working on it. Either it took forever to open or I bombed out with the large white screen of death.

I was aggravated but not moved to take action until I read a couple of articles about how important site speed is – that if your site doesn’t open quickly, people get impatient and go elsewhere, 2 seconds being the target! Hmmm.

speed up your site

The first thing you need to know is that there are free apps that can check your speed. I decided to try GTMetrix. I BOMBED OUT! It said my site was taking too long for them to measure it accurately. That was horrible! — For those of you who have been reading this site for a long time, thank you for being patient and waiting for the site to open!

But how can an only mildly-technologically-savvy person (like me) increase site speed? There are 2 ways — do it yourself or hire someone.

First, try GTMetrix for yourself – get the good or bad news quickly and easily.

For me, it was very bad news, since my site took so long that it bombed. The GTMetrix app gave me quite a few suggestions for correcting the problems, and after carefully reading the long list of what I should do, I made a decision: it might be cheaper to hire an expert who can do everything fast and right than to spend frustrating hours (days) trying to do it myself and maybe screwing things up…..IF I could find an expert at a very reasonable price.

So I went to Elance – a site that offers computer experts from all over the world. I signed in and posted my job with all the problems I have been having.

Here’s what my request for proposal said on Elance: (I know it’s lame –I told you I’m no techie):

“I have been blogging for 1.5 years, and my blog is getting bigger and slower —
it is bombing out quite a bit and takes forever to load.
I need it to be optimized for fast loading and to make it faster
and easier to work on. It is in WordPress.”

I had at least 15 responses, all of whom sounded excellent, and the prices ranged from $80 to $200. I chose Sachin Nigam of INOLGS because they ran some diagnostics for me and gave me a detailed report in which they were very specific about what they would do for about $150….or they wouldn’t take the money.

Below is part of the proposal they sent to me, along with my dismal scores on the 4 apps that they ran, plus how much they said they would improve them,  You can compare your scores to mine on all four of these free apps:


Page Speed Grade: Must be between 90% to 100% instead of current 71%
YSlow Grade: Must be between 90% to 100% instead of current 66%
Total number of requests: Currently 91; should be under 20 or as minimum as possible.

All factors in below image shown as F in red colour must be A

Perf. Grade of 75/100 must be close to 100/100
Page Size of 1.6 MB must be less than 1MB if possible.

The score of 62/100 on Google Page Speed tool should be between 90 and 100 for better website speed optimization.

So I hired Sachin, and he did what he promised to do. (Did my site open quickly for you? If it didn’t, would you please leave a comment about it?)

If you prefer to speed up your speed on your own…

You can click on each of the apps listed above and run your diagnostics absolutely free. The apps will then tell you what needs to be done. Some things are pretty easy to understand….the rest aren’t.

speed up your siteWhich way you decide to speed up your site depends on how much your time is worth.  It was better for me to spend $150 than spend several days trying to figure it all out (and possibly failing!). My experience with my new programmer, Sachin, has been wonderful, and I now have someone who is familiar with my site and can fix things quickly as well.

(And maybe your site won’t cost as much as mine did because yours was probably composed by a professional right from the start rather than a self-taught only-mildly-techie person like me.)

Thanks so much for reading!  

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