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4 the Tech-Challenged

— Techie Stuff You Need to Know

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Everyone is changing…slowly

A bunch of my friends that subscribed to this blog when I was getting started were technology-challenged and feeling, so I asked what words were making them crazy, and then published some posts to help:

Techie Word Help

A Clueless Grownup’s Guide to Techie Words

Techie Words Explained so You Get Them

Web Words that you Absolutely MUST Know – a Glossary

Web Design / Online Help

2 Lowcost Deals – A Great $350 Website and Fiverr for crazy fun

Website design – how to get exactly what you want

10 simple security settings you probably aren’t using

Pssst!  Wanna buy some SEO, and other SEO info

The Cloud

Web designer Chris Green gather information from over 200 people to write these articles:

The Cloud – Everything You Need to Know – I Mean EVERYTHING!

Pros and cons of using the Cloud

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