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The Most Important Branding Secret – Revealed Here

The Most Important Branding Secret: 

Inspire People’s Belief

This is the third in a 4-part series on branding.  If this is your first trip to this blog and you want to learn more about branding, click here for Personal Branding and click here for Brand Management.  If you would like to be informed when the next article – on personal branding – is posted, please sign up on the right, and thanks!

In the previous two posts, I have talked mostly about the easy-to-understand elements of branding, but today I am discussing the true center of your branding:

The following video is one of the best all-round business videos that I have ever seen. It is worth watching every minute of it right to the end, because by then you will totally understand why you need to “hear” what it says and act to incorporate the video’s tenets into your business….and into your life. Please don’t be tempted to leave it early, because the last few minutes are as valuable as the first.

When determining the look and feel of your company and your brand, this video explains your true quest. Don’t let the title fool you – this article is about inspiring action, which is the point of branding.  Click here:

In this video, Simon Sinek begins by discussing people and companies that think, act, and communicate differently than others. He calls those companies, like Apple, or those people, like Martin Luther King, “inspired.”

He draws a circle with two smaller concentric circles within it and calls it the Global Circle.

  • The large outer circle’s area represents the “whats.”  Everyone in a company knows what they produce.  
  • The next smaller circle is the “how” circle, and some people in every company know how the company produces what it does.  
  • But the small inner circle is the “why” circle.  He believes that very few companies or people within a company know their true purpose — why they or the company exists.  (Companies could say that they exist to make a profit, being in pursuit of riches ins’t the same as being in pursuit of a goal that you truly believe in.)Apple Logo

Mr. Sinek is saying that most companies communicate the what and how pretty well — the “what we do” and the “how we do it.”  But inspired companies communicate their “whys” — their true inspiration for their company’s being that inspires other people to buy their products.

The goal of your business is to do business with people who believe what you believe. To do that, you must study your “whys” — your beliefs and your purposes in doing what you do.  And by speaking from the depth of the brain that holds beliefs (rather than facts), you will communicate on that level and find people who “hear” you and believe in you.  You are speaking to the behavior part of the brain that makes people “feel” something is the right decision.  (Sometimes we call this speaking to the heart, or to the gut, but you are actually appealing to the non-language part of the brain that controls behavior.)

When you are seeking your true branding message, it is much deeper than choosing graphics.  Branding is about communicating your true purpose in ways that your customer will feel and believe in.  After you have determined your purpose and your beliefs, then you choose the graphics and words that help you convey your beliefs to your target audience.

If you would like to hear more about finding your purpose, here’s Steve Jobs talking about Apple 15 years ago:

In the first post in this branding series, you were to consider a question, and now is the time to consider it again in a slightly different way:    What are my company’s beliefs, and how will I convey them so that they will appeal directly to my customers’ “hearts” — my customers’ beliefs?  And then you will convey your message through the styles and designs that you choose, and all of these elements will contribute to your branding and how your customers will perceive you.
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