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The Perfect Facebook Post

The Perfect Facebook Post for Business

Facebook has been around for 9 years, and 1.06 BILLION people read facebook every day!  It’s here to stay, and besides just reading it, 76% of the people who use it say they feel good when they are using social media – it is connecting us in a generally positive way.

So of course we all want to use facebook to help our businesses if we can, and with facebook’s business pages, it’s fine to do that –you can ask people to join you and get on board with your product or service (called “engagement”) – and here’s how:

How to Format Your Facebook Post

1.  Keep your copy short. Have a peppy attention-getting first sentence; and if you are giving a URL for them to click on, put it at the end of that first sentence.  That way it is more likely to be seen, especially on mobile.  (If it is a long URL, use a shortened version from Bitly.)

2.  Every so often, ask a question in that first line instead of just making a statement – it increases engagement IF it is interesting and makes people want to respond.

3.  Use a person’s photo as the sender – never a logo.  You can change the sender’s photo often if you want to feature different employees or presenters, and this is important:  .


This is Taquito, who has just finished reading every blog post I ever wrote. (shared by H.Ouellette of Number11Design)

4.  Post a great photo – make it fun, colorful, and upbeat. Always use a person (unless it is a cute puppy or kitten holding your product – there’s a reason why cute animal photos are everywhere.  I personally like beautiful piggy photos)  Make it 300×300 so it uploads quickly. Square is best.  Never use a bare building, a classroom, or an empty store (bad vibes no matter how beautiful you think it is).

5.  Make a call to action – you want more engagement from your readers, so ask them to get involved with you.  Want to get people to give you their email addresses?  Offer a freebie.  (I fall for free white papers on “How to’s” every time.)  Want them to sign up for a class?  Make it FREE or discount it for early signups. Do whatever you have to do to make it instantly attractive, because they won’t be coming back to view the post again.

6.  Pay $– if you want the post to go farther than it ordinarily might, you can pay to “sponsor” it.  Plus, facebook has lots of good suggestions for helping your business grow – you can click here to get started their suggestions.

7.  Stay involved – if people make comments, that’s great.  Keep the conversations going and ask them to do the same.

Last but certainly not the least, here is a graphic example of the perfect facebook business post, according to Jenny Burnham of Salesforce:

Perfect fb post

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