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Top 5 Tips on How to Destroy Your Personal Brand

How to Destroy Your Personal Brand

Welcome to guest blogger, attorney, personal brand expert and consultant Katy Goshtasbi! She tells us how you can wreck everything you’re working to achieve:

Personal Brand Expert Katy

Katy Goshtasbi,
Personal Brand Expert

People buy your uniqueness — your special personal brand —  before they will ever buy a product or service from you.

That means they have to notice you first, like you, be inspired and moved by you. Only then will they buy your product or service.

Personal branding is about YOU, the individual, unearthing your uniqueness, owning it, communicating it with clarity, consistency and joy to your target audience in order to captivate them with your credibility and memorability. It is also managing the perceptions of your audience.

As a personal brand consultant, over the years I’ve witnessed many individuals assassinate their personal brand, and thus their jobs, companies and family lives. If you are up for self-sacrifice and being unhappy, here are the top five ways to kill your personal brand:

1.  Be Afraid

Instead of seeing the possibilities borne of faith and trust, you live in fear of everything. The fear list is endless and includes both personal and business issues, all of which blend together to screw up your personal brand. These include fear of getting fired, getting passed over, not making enough money, having your spouse leave you for a better person and not getting that next fabulous client or deal. Fear leaves you in paralysis whether you want to admit it or not. Fear also makes you take drastic and irrational action.

Seek help on this!  You can find relief by facing each fear and working through it logically with someone whose opinion you trust.

2.  Brag

Personal brand braggerBrag all the time. As a result of suffering from low self-confidence, people can go on the offensive by telling us all how fabulous they are in a not-so-fabulous way.

Instead, try tasteful and conscious self-promotion by telling us your story, which is the hallmark of a self-confident, proud personal brand. Graceful self-promotion informs, educates and makes us want to know you better.

3.  Blend In

Personal brand competitorBe like everyone else, including those who are in your line of business. Society has told you it is better to not be the squeaky wheel and to not “rock the boat”. The result is a society full of people afraid to shine and resigned to being common, ordinary and “fitting in”.

Instead, consider this: there is a balance between having your personal brand blandly conform and one that is unique, so celebrate your uniqueness and tell the world who you really are and what you can do for us.

4.  Compete

Rather than owning who you are as a personal brand, you go ahead and try to fight it out with your competition for the right to be the “greatest”.

However, while competition can be healthy, it is healthier to recognize that if you are truly unique then no one is really competition. You can’t service everyone, and you should not try to do so.

5.  Give It All Away, Yet Hoard It All

You can’t figure out your personal brand’s real value in terms of pricing, packaging and delivery. As a result, you tend to underprice yourself out of fear (see tip #1 above) of losing out, thus giving it all away for close to free. The result is resentment, which leads you to hoarding everything from leads to contacts to wealth.

The solution: If you have a strong personal brand, you know your real value and price accordingly, realizing your service is a gift to the world. Strong personal brands know that the more you give and share, the more you get back.

And Katy gives back so much — thanks to her for helping!  

Please pass this on to your friends who are developing their personal branding,
and thanks for reading!

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