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YOU Are Your Brand Manager – The Top 10 Tough Questions

– YOU Must Be Your Brand Manager

My cousin Trudy was a VP with a huge consumer products company before she retired.  I’m so proud of her!

Brand Manager

Cousin Trudy

I asked her to give us some tips about what her company’s marketing department spent their time on, and she responded with her experiences on branding (her company had many, many products). Here’s what she had to say:

In my corporation I spent many days working with Brand Managers.  They are the people who spend a lot of time defining what each brand is to be about and how to sell the most product and make the most profit.

Their questions aren’t just the typical “who is your target audience?” type of questions. (That one is question #1 and is so crucial that if you don’t already know the answer before you even begin your business, you’re going to have an uphill battle.)

Brand Manager questions are TOUGH ones.  With heavy competition out there for almost every product and service, when you begin your business you will want to truly spend some time thinking about these serious brand manager questions:

      #2  What does the brand stand for? 

      #3   What is the brand character? 

      #4   What does the target consumer/user need and want? 

As your business grows, the world will change, your competition will improve, and your customers will become more demanding. so you need to be concentrating on these questions, too:

      #5   Do I spend time with my consumer/user to understand how they use my product and what could make it more useful? 

Brand Manager

YOU can manage your brand if you know the questions to ask yourself

      #6   How do I innovate to meet the need?

     #7   Is my brand providing more value (benefits or performance for the price) than the competition? 

And always you will market your brand to build your customer base, so you’ll need to consider these questions:

     #8   How do I create an emotional attachment with my user to keep them coming back and to build loyalty? 

     #9   How do I communicate with my target and via what media? 

Finally, you will think ahead, innovate, research and analyze, while always focusing on your brand’s basic character:

     #10   What is the long term strategy for my brand to fill unmet needs while remaining true to what it stands for?

Maybe you’ll want to print this list out and tape it somewhere nearby
to keep your brand management always on your mind.

And now, because you are thinking about your brand in a way that you may never have thought about it before, you’ll want to watch this video to see how far afield from the conventional that you’ll need to go:

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