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Your Customers Are Morphing….Are You?

 — Take New Aim with Your Customer Demographics — 

Your customers are morphing (seamlessly transitioning)!  If you’re just sticking with marketing that worked for you in the past, you may be watching your new customer counts slump.  In the next few posts, I’ll be looking for the new places you’ll get your best shot at reaching your ideal customers.

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First Discussion:  Streaming  

“When HBO announced its standalone streaming service (HBO Now) in March, it was a definite sign that the TV landscape had changed for good. When even the world’s arguably most famous and successful Pay TV service can no longer afford to turn its back on streaming, it’s a clear indication of what the future of television will look like,” says Felix Richter of Statista.

“A recent poll conducted by Deloitte among 2,000+ U.S. consumers gives us an idea why HBO decided to enter the streaming market after all: while mature Americans still rely on traditional Pay TV subscriptions, younger Americans, Millennials in particular, favor streaming services over traditional Pay TV. Asked which of the services they subscribe to are the three most important ones to them, 72 percent of those aged 14-25 named a video streaming service while only 58 percent included a Pay TV subscription in their Top 3.”

Infographic: Poll Reveals Generational Gap in Media Preferences | Statista

Check out those newspaper numbers — newspaper ads are the easiest to create and place, but unless you’re aiming at seniors, your customers have moved on to ad channels that are far more entertaining to them.

For the ad channels that are streaming video, the key word here is “interactive” – a whole new type of video advertising format. It means you don’t run a typical television ad.  It means pushing hard with a strong call to action for an instant response.

For the music streaming apps, customers pay a flat monthly fee not to listen to ads, but most apps offer a free version if the customer will succumb to the ads. The streaming companies are going after your radio ad dollars, but there are so many apps competing that it’s hard to know where you should be.  (Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, etc.) Again, picking the best one for you means looking at the station’s reach and demographics to determine which one is the best match to your ideal customer demographics.

If you’re not sure exactly who your best customer is, you can use the FREE customer demographics survey on the right of  this blog to clarify and aim your ads with precision.  I have worked hard to develop it, and I guarantee it is easy to use – you can customize it and/or simplify it to fit your situation. You can ask your customers about themselves when they call or walk in the door. Or if you don’t want to bother your customers, fill it out as closely as you can guess about each of your best customers.

Of course you’re not going to place ads anywhere until you know exactly which age group and monetary level you want to reach. If you need more info on using customer demographics to find your best customers, here are several definitive articles:  How to Use Customer Demographics to TARGET Your MarketingMarketing to Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z and Making Big Bucks Marketing to the Over 50 Crowd.

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You’ll find other free downloads at the right of this article, and thanks for reading!  

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